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California travel diary

Imagine you are going on a vacation trip California and during the trip you want to record your experiences in a travel diary. The route leads from los Angeles about the national parks Death Valley and Yosemite until after San Francisco.

los Angeles

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During the excursions you made the following notes:

Facts about Los Angeles

  • Nickname: City of Angels
  • Center of the American film industry - you have to take the Universal Studios Tour, see the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and go along Sunset Boulevard
  • Mixed population: Whites, Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans, Native-Americans and Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders

Hollywood Walk of Fame: Famous Los Angeles walkway that currently has over 2,500 stars set in honor of celebrities in the entertainment industry.
Sunset Boulevard: Considered the most famous street in Los Angeles; runs from downtown Los Angeles through Hollywood to Santa Monica and is about 35 km long.

Death Valley, Yosemite and Sequoia

Facts about the national parks Death Valley, Yosemite and Sequoia

Death Valley

  • Largest national park in California
  • Deserts, valleys, canyons and mountains
  • The highest point in the park is Telescope Peak; the lowest point is Badwater
  • Home to many plants and animals that can live in a desert climate - the desert wildlife


  • Oldest national park in California
  • Beautiful mountains and valleys in the Sierra Nevada mountains
  • Many wild animals live in the park, among them the American Black Bear


  • High mountains and deep canyons
  • Four of the largest trees can be found here, one of them, the General Sherman tree, is the largest (by volume) in the world
  • Highest point Mt Whitney (14,494 feet)

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San Francisco

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Facts about San Francisco

  • The famous sight of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, spans the Golden Gate - the opening of San Francisco into the Pacific Ocean
  • San Francisco has many hills. You can ride up and down the hills on one of the old cable cars. They have been used in San Francisco since 1873

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San Francisco

Facts about San Francisco

San Francisco has many parks but the biggest is Golden Gate National Recreation Area with Alcatraz Island and its famous prison (from 1933 until 1963). Alcatraz Island is open to tours.

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