What to do after the exam

Successful driving license
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After the exam

If the test is passed successfully and the learner driver is 17 years old, the learner driver does not receive a card driver's license, but a test certificate in A5 format (dark pink, double postcard size). Since this test certificate does not contain a photo, the identity card or passport must be carried when driving. Anyone who is not yet 17 years old on the day of the test passed will receive a certificate that the test has been passed. This certificate can be used to collect the test certificate from the responsible road traffic office on the day of the 17th birthday. With the certificate of a passed test (white, A5) it is not allowed to drive! If the place of residence on the day of the application is in Werdohl, Neuenrade, Küntrop, Blintrop, Affeln or Altenaffeln, the Lüdenscheid Road Traffic Office is responsible for this. If you come from Balve, Garbeck, Höveringhausen, Levringhausen, Langenholthausen, Mellen or Beckum, drive to the Iserlohn Road Traffic Office. If the novice driver is 18 years old, he will get a driving license. The driving license office will order the driver's license in good time; it is not necessary to apply for this in good time. Take the examination certificate and the identity card / passport to the responsible road traffic office and exchange old for new. If you don't have time on your 18th birthday, you can ask someone you trust to pick up your driving license. It is essential to issue a power of attorney to the collector. There is one here. Those who prefer to drive to the road traffic office themselves can do so up to three months after their 18th birthday. This is because the test certificate is still valid for that long and since the holder of the test certificate is already 18 years old, he can drive without a companion. Of course, the test certificate can also be exchanged for the driving license after the period of three months, after all, the driver's license does not expire. But now no longer drive yourself, because the test certificate has expired! Trial period Since there is no trial period for the driving license classes AM, L, and T, prior ownership of one of these classes does not help. The probationary period begins with the handover of the test certificate after the practical test has been passed by the expert / examiner from TÜV Nord or the road traffic office. The probationary period lasts two years and serves as a probation period. If there is an infringement of certain existing road traffic regulations during the probationary period, the probationary period is extended by two years. In addition, the driver's license holder is requested to take part in an advanced seminar for novice drivers (ASF). Vehicles Anyone who acquires the class B driving license may drive all class B vehicles, including certain combinations with trailers. This applies accordingly to the acquisition of the BE driving license class. With class B, the classes AM (scooter, max 50 ccm displacement, max 45 km / h, as well as three- and four-wheel light vehicles) and L (agricultural and forestry tractors up to 32 km / h and forklifts up to 25 km / h) are automatically h) acquired. Since the minimum age here is 16 years, vehicles in these classes can be driven without an escort. Carry your examination certificate and identity card with you; if you do not want this, you can have a driver's license for these classes issued for a fee. Incidentally, a trike, a mixture of motorcycle (front) and car (rear), is a class B multi-lane motor vehicle and may be driven with an escort. The installation of a double pedal system is not prohibited according to the general operating instructions. However, it is only allowed to be used by driving instructors during their work in a driving school. Otherwise, the pedals must be unhooked in the right footwell. The installation of a second interior mirror is permitted and gives the attendant the opportunity to better observe what is happening on the road. These mirrors are available from accessory stores and are attached to the windscreen with a suction cup. Insurance Many insurance companies offer discounts if the vehicle is only driven by certain people. It is therefore essential to clarify beforehand whether the insurance company will agree to a novice driver taking the wheel. You do not lose your insurance cover if this condition of the insurance is violated, but the insurance company can demand additional premium payment or take recourse against the policyholder in the event of damage.