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Representative for Equal Opportunities in the Labor Market (BCA)

Thuringian Alliance for Family and Work

The partners of the alliance, the Thuringian Chambers of Industry and Commerce, the Thuringian Economic Association, the German Trade Union Federation, the Regional Directorate Saxony-Anhalt-Thuringia of the Federal Employment Agency and the Thuringian state government have joined forces with the aim of improving the compatibility of family and work in To improve Thuringia and to make family friendliness a trademark of Thuringia and the Thuringian economy. Families should feel comfortable in Thuringia, arrive and stay.


Business start-ups by women

There are different ways out of unemployment. An interesting but not risk-free path can be to self-employment. Since there are some peculiarities when starting up a business by women, coordinated advice offers are made to female founders and young entrepreneurs. The BCA is on the move in the regional networks to exchange important information.Thex WOMEN'S THING


Local alliances for families

Every local alliance for families is a network of actors from business, politics and civil society. The various partners come together on a voluntary basis in order to improve living and working conditions for families through needs-based projects. The participants get involved according to their respective possibilities and contribute their specific know-how. Alliances for families in the regions work together with the office for local alliances for families in Thuringia at the Family Sense Foundation.


Local alliance for families in the city of Suhl

The local alliance for families is to bundle existing activities, initiatives and offers in the interest of the citizens and the community and create synergies. The focus is on networking business, politics, the public and social engagement. In addition, the signatories declare that they are ready to promote a child- and family-friendly Suhl in public. Family center Suhl

Local alliance for families in the Wartburg region

The individual motto “Family is where people care for one another” outlines the focus of work to support and strengthen families in all forms of coexistence. An attractive environment for families has a positive effect on the regional business location. As part of the reconciliation of family and work, a network for needs-based childcare options is being formed in cooperation with the local companies, and options for caring relatives are being compiled and promoted. Alliance in the Wartburg region


Equal Opportunities Advisory Board of the City of Suhl

With a city council resolution, an advisory board was appointed to promote the interests of women and men in order to enforce the constitutional requirement for equal treatment and equality between women and men. Its tasks are to advise the mayor, the city council, its committees and the city of Suhl's equal opportunities officer on fundamental communal matters to ensure equality between women and men.

In addition, the Equal Opportunities Advisory Board informs the decision-makers about current problems in connection with equality between women and men in the city of Suhl and shows possible solutions for municipal developments and the actions of the city council and the city administration. More information at Suhl meets.


South Thuringian multi-generation houses

In the houses of the multi-generation houses action program, people of all ages with different origins or cultural backgrounds are actively involved. Interested parties can also take advantage of specific offers and services from the houses. This includes learning and creative offers for children and young people, care and support offers for people in need of care and their caring relatives, language courses for migrants and much more. The multigenerational houses have long proven to be competent and reliable partners for all ages and in all walks of life. Courses, workshops, child care, activities for the whole family or just "networking" - a multigenerational house offers all of this.


Integration of women with a migration background

Women and mothers with a migration background need special support when starting their careers. Through early activation, individual advice and targeted support, the hurdles should be removed and the desire for a job fulfilled. In the network for the ESF federal program Strong at work, the actors advise on how mothers with a migration background in the region can find their way into work.