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"Thor 4": Chris Hemsworth gets favorite director back

Taika Waititi will also film part four after the Marvel hit "Thor 3". But what does that mean for his “Akira” project?

In an interview with Joe.ie said Chris Hemsworth about the collaboration: “In the first three or four films (in which I played Thor), I was completely committed to the vision of others. And even if it developed extremely positively, in retrospect I wished I had spoken my mind more often. With the third 'Thor' I had real influence and greater self-confidence in my creative interpretation for the first time. Fortunately, this was in line with Taika and what he wanted to do with the film.

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At the turn of the year, the "Thor" actor and his favorite director are said to have already developed ideas: "We toasted 'Thor 3' and thought about what we could do."There could be new details in the next few days at the San Diego Comic-Con.

For "Thor 4" Taika Waititi postpones "Akira"

In order to work again for Marvel, Taika Waititi interrupts work on the film adaptation of the manga comic series by Katsuhiro Otomo - "Akira". While Waititi was looking for the lead actor, difficulties recently arose with the script. Now the project is paused until "Thor 4" is completed.

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