Why is oat milk so expensive

Soy drink boom - Why soy milk costs twice as much as cow's milk

More and more people are reaching for Soy drink. The market boom has continued unabated for several years. But why do you pay almost twice as much for the plant-based alternative as for cow's milk?

The soy drink boom

Ten years ago, the selection of soy milk was still more than manageable. A maximum of 1-2 packs were on the shelf. The taste wasn't really convincing. Much has happened since then. The choice has become enormous. In addition to soy milk, a wide variety of plant drinks can also be found in discounters, supermarkets, health food stores and organic markets. Joya, an Austrian brand, increased its sales in 2014 by over ten percent to 45 million euros. Only soy beans from local cultivation are used in the packaging. Alpro, the counterpart from Belgium, even achieved sales of around 385 million euros in the same year. Soy milk enjoys a healthy image and consumers are happy to pay between EUR 1.79 and 1.99 for a liter.

Soy milk price twice as high as cow's milk

According to market experts, the production of soy milk is quite cheap. However, you pay twice as much on average. Consumers seem to be happy to tolerate this, even though the price for cow's milk is always considered to be too high by the consumer. But why is that and how does the cheap milk price actually come about?

The crux with the milk price

Milk from the cow is considered a staple food. The reduced tax rate of 7% (Austria 10%) is used here. Soy milk, on the other hand, is considered a luxury food and is charged with the full 19% (Austria 20%), although its intended use is identical. Furthermore, cow's milk is supported by the EU through immense subsidies. It was not until September 2015 that an additional 500 million euros were granted as emergency aid for the dairy farmers. The market is artificially kept alive so that the animal product can be sold as cheaply as possible. Ultimately, the creatures in the mass stables that are trimmed for high performance, as well as the farmers themselves, are always suffering.

Benefits of plant-based drinks

The selection on the supermarket shelves has become huge. It has been a long time since you had to limit yourself to soy milk. Oat milk, almond milk, rice milk and many more. We have collected 10 reasons why it is worthwhile to rely on plant-based milk:

  1. Plant milk is particularly digestible.
  2. Herbal products do not contain cholesterol.
  3. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and high quality protein.
  4. Rich in vitamins and nutrients.
  5. Often produced from local ingredients.
  6. Very good for allergy sufferers and intolerances.
  7. Better ecological balance.
  8. Particularly varied.
  9. Avoidance of unnecessary animal suffering.
  10. It's easy to get and you can even make it yourself.

Criticism of the soy milk

In contrast to conventional cow's milk, soy milk has a reputation for being particularly healthy. But caution should be exercised here, because many products contain large amounts of sugar or sweeteners. Plant-based enjoyment can quickly become a calorie bomb. When shopping, you can therefore fall back on the unsweetened variants.