What is a drunkard

Jellinek's research into the disease "alcoholism" and his findings are now recognized worldwide. Jellinek studied mainly male alcoholics. Until recently, his findings were simply transferred to women, which according to the investigations made by Irmgard Vogt in the meantime is not readily permissible. If we want to do justice to the dependently sick in diagnosis and therapy, a differentiated, gender-oriented consideration cannot be dispensed with, because men have different drinking patterns than women.

ALPHA - drinkers, also known as conflict or problem drinkers. You drink
Alcohol to relax, to relieve anxiety and mood, or to wash down anger. Conflict drinkers do have a psychological dependency on alcohol, but they still have the freedom to stop drinking. Conflict drinkers are not alcoholics in the sense of the RVO (Reichsversicherungsordnung), but they are at risk.

BETA- drinkers, also known as casual drinkers. Your drinking behavior is often influenced by your social environment. Family celebrations as well as work anniversaries or appointments in restaurants are an occasion to drink alcohol. Drinking can become a habit this way. Drinking while watching TV is popular, one of the widespread ways to drink beer "comfortably". Occasional drinkers often get organ damage. They are neither physically nor mentally dependent on alcohol, but they are at risk.

GAMMA - alcoholic are addicts because they can no longer control their alcohol consumption. The gamma alcoholics suffer the loss of control, the actual characteristic of alcoholism, i.e. they can no longer control their alcohol consumption, no longer control it in terms of quantity. They have to drink because their body demands the alcohol. (In between they have completely alcohol-free periods, sometimes even for longer periods of up to several months).

DELTA - alcoholics, also called mirror drinker.
They evolve from habitual drinkers to mirror drinkers because they need to maintain persistent, steady blood alcohol levels. If there is no alcohol intake, severe withdrawal symptoms occur. The mirror drinkers are not capable of abstinence. The withdrawal symptoms ensure that you keep drinking.
The mirror drinkers are sick.

EPSILON - alcoholics are also called simply "quarter drinkers" in the vernacular. At intervals you feel an irresistible urge for alcohol, which is often announced days in advance by restlessness and irritability. They then organize real binge drinking, which can last for some time, and then often live in a state of intoxication for days.
During this drinking phase they lose control. They drink unrestrainedly and have gaps in their memories ("film cracks").
Between the individual drinking phases, the sick often live without alcohol for weeks and do not even have the need to drink alcohol until an intoxication phase begins again. The Epsilon alcoholics are also sick in the sense of the RVO.

In summary it can be said:

Alpha and beta drinkers are at risk.
Gamma - Delta and Epsilon - alcoholics are sick according to the RVO.
Conflict drinkers tend to become gamma alcoholics. Occasional drinkers can develop into mirror drinkers. However, the individual types of alcoholic cannot be clearly distinguished from one another.