What's your favorite paint job

Sukhoi SU-31 2.75m (Custom Scheme)

"Custom Scheme" - that means something like your own, self-designed paintwork.

For our Sukhoi SU-31 2.75m we offer two different options:

(translates as: color swap) You choose your favorite paint from our standard range and tell us which colors you would like to swap. Other minor changes are also possible, but the "color swap" option is always based very closely on a standard paintwork. The costs and delivery time are only slightly higher than with a standard painting. Ask your rep! "Color-Swap" is possible with all models that are listed in the menu as "Custom Scheme".

You design your completely own painting scheme. You should coordinate your suggestions with us and seek advice, because a few restrictions are connected with the painting technology directly in the molds, so that not everything makes sense. After all, we want you to be 100% satisfied. Contact your rep with your ideas. After we have dealt with your suggestions, we will contact you with an asking price and any modifications. We will also inform you of the approximate delivery time. Take a look at the image galleries and product photos to get a first impression of what is possible and what is not.