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Science: the painless injection

From Josef Karg

Augsburg - Millions of patients are afraid if the doctor or nurse comes with the syringe and says: Please expose your arm! In the near future you will no longer have to sweat while spraying.

Thanks to a sensational invention by Japanese and Indian scientists who have developed a new syringe modeled on mosquito trunks that glides through the skin with practically no pain for patients.

Mosquitoes are able to suck blood from their victim unnoticed (you can only feel the animal's saliva). They alternately tense and relax muscles in the trunk. This creates a negative pressure and the blood is sucked in. The scientists Suman Chakraborty from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur and his colleague Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya from Tokai University in Kanagawa have developed their painless needle according to this scheme.

As the website "NewScientist.com" reports, the mosquito sucking in the new syringe is mimicked by a mini pump. Its tiny needle has an outer diameter of only 60 micrometers, about the thickness of a human hair. For comparison: the cannula of a conventional syringe has an outside diameter of around 900 micrometers.

The mosquito cannula should be able to pierce the skin up to three millimeters deep. This is enough, for example, to take blood from diabetics to check their blood sugar levels. However, the syringe has yet to prove itself in practice.