What are the uses of an excavator

Different used excavators for every imaginable application

When it comes to effective and efficient construction machinery, the first and foremost name is the excavator. These are designed differently, t differently equipped and available with individual accessories depending on the performance requirements and the place of use.

The crawler excavator as an all-rounder

The crawler excavator, which is often referred to as a chain excavator, impresses with its robustness and flexibility. So no obstacle is too burdensome for him or no limit in terms of underground is known. Due to the widely varying areas of application and purposes, there are many different models, whereby the mobility is basically flexible, but the locomotion is usually slower and more cumbersome than with wheel excavators. This makes them ideal for use on very uneven surfaces. Thanks to the double crawler chassis and the resulting extensive support surface, it can be used primarily on slopes, but also in slippery overburden or even building rubble. These devices even tolerate some undercarriage overhangs on pits or steep slopes. Many models have a Power Boost mode that allows the drive and digging force to be increased by up to 10 percent.

Well-known manufacturer of crawler excavators

Crawler excavators are sold by a number of well-known manufacturers, although a Caterpillar is inextricably linked to this construction machine. Hitachi as well as JCB and Volvo Baumaschinen or Komatsu and the Swiss family company Liebherr were also able to establish themselves on the European market with crawler excavators.

Mini excavator as a proven earthmoving machine

One category of construction machinery that is mainly used in road construction and civil engineering is the mini excavator, which basically has an output of between 3 and 17 kW. These devices are usually equipped with a caterpillar track and rubber chains, which guarantees carefree maneuvering on all conceivable types of surface. The construction is based on that of a hydraulic excavator, which makes it clear that they are particularly easy to use and can be used smoothly in many places. The maximum speed of mini excavators is 5 km / h, which means that driving without a driver's license is possible. However, these construction machines are not approved for road use. The safety cab has a roll bar so that the driver can carry out his work with maximum safety.

Well-known manufacturers of mini excavators

If you want to buy a used mini excavator, you will find the right model at Kubota or JBC. Yanmar and the industry giants Caterpillar and Volvo are also right at the top of the hit list in this category. Finally, the Japanese construction machinery manufacturer Hitachi joins the list of the most popular mini excavators.

Wheel excavators, often also referred to as mobile excavators

Wheel excavators, which, as the name suggests, are built on a traditional chassis with four tires, offer numerous advantages. Because with the suitable terrain characteristics, they score with a high degree of mobility and flexibility. Apart from that, they can also be driven on public roads at a maximum speed of up to 30 km / h. These construction machines are mainly used for loading and earthworks as well as in municipal gardening and landscaping.

Popular manufacturers of wheel excavators

When looking for a robust used wheel excavator, there is no way around the Swiss company Liebherr, just like the US giant Caterpillar. Volvo and Komatsu are also popular manufacturers of these construction machines. JCB and Case only have to admit defeat in the ranking.

Wheel loaders are a universal device

Used wheel loaders are a real multi-device thanks to a wide variety of attachments. Because they can loosen and load both soil and bulk goods, or even transport them over a medium distance. Thanks to efficient quick-change devices, the attachments can be changed very quickly and easily. Depending on the intended use, there are wheel loaders in different sizes and performance classes, with a fundamental difference in the structure with a rigid frame and wheel steering or in the split frame structure with articulated steering. Anyone who buys a used wheel loader should also pay attention to the bucket kinematics. A distinction is made between parallel and Z-kinematics. A special design is the swivel shovel loader, which can be swiveled to both sides.

Well-known brands in wheel loaders

Well-known names from the far north such as Volvo can be found in the wheel loader market. The US giant in construction machinery, Caterpillar, is also represented in this category with a few models, as are Komatsu and JCB. Liebherr is one of the best-selling brands in this segment in Europe.

Backhoe loader

One of the most popular types of excavators is the backhoe loader, which is a combination of a conventional hydraulic excavator and a wheel loader. This means that it can mainly be used in trench and pipeline construction, with the machine being operated entirely from the driver's cab. So that the backhoe loader is more stable, it has two hydraulic supports at the rear, and the backhoe device can be moved laterally with a slide.

Renowned backhoe loader manufacturer

The market leaders in this category of construction machinery are JCB, followed by Caterpillar and Case. New Holland and Komatsu are also at the top of the ranking.

Find the right used excavator

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