Are any rear car windows laminated

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What if you try to hit a sturdy welding wire through it. Then you have a channel through which you can thread the saw wire.

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Wire was threaded in from the side, we then saw massive amounts of muscle on the first piece of "foam" for over an hour and only managed a few millimeters - we won't get any further with that. The stuff reminds me of my climbing holds, hard as stone but relatively light / airy.

The place is absolutely inaccessible, you can see the foam lump about 1m away through a slit. And then there are at least 4 more lumps of foam that need to be sawed through.

Does anyone still have an idea what to do? Does the foam melt in the heat? What if I apply power to the wire, e.g. briefly connect a car battery. Or is the boat more likely to burn down?

Destroying the bottom completely by sawing the top shell, there is no way I will!