How do you conjure up a crossroads daemon

Summoning demons

Summoning demons


Anyone who is a demon
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can summon a demon

The Summoning demons is an art of black magic and, as the name suggests, serves to conjure up demons.


There are countless variants of summoning rituals, each differing in which demon you want to summon.

In general, the incantation always requires some ingredients such as herbs, fire in the form of candles or the inflaming of the ingredients, as well as sigils and always a Latin incantation. However, despite the use of a magic formula, the summoning of demons is not only reserved for a witch, but can be carried out by anyone with the means to do so.

Crossroads demon

The summoning of a crossbreed demon first requires a crossbreed, near which yarrow grows best. In the middle of the intersection you have to bury a small box in which you put the following things:

  • A photo of the conjurer
  • The bones of a black cat
  • Cemetery filth
  • Personal items such as coins can also be added.

Once you have buried the box in question, the crossroads demon should appear.

Subsequently Captured Sam adds a Latin saying at the summoning of the crossroads demon who has taken possession of Snooki:

Daemon, esto subiecto voluntati meae.


Azael was the first demon in the series to be summoned by John Winchester with a ritual tailored to him. It also seems to be a ritual influenced by the hoodoo.


The ritual to conjure up Azael requires, among other things, some acacia, Abramelin oil, six black candles, the blood of the conjurer and the Sigil of Azael, also known as the Sigil of Saturn.


The conjurer must speak the following Latin formula while pouring his blood into the bowl and finally lighting its contents:

Attenrobendum eos, ad constrendingum, ad ligandum eos,
pariter et solvendum, et ad congregandum eos coram me.


Crowley could be summoned with a ritual tailored to his needs, although he could choose to appear as a crossbreed demon on a deal he's interested in.


Summoning Crowley requires several ingredients, and interestingly, uses a sigil similar to that used in Azael. Candles must be placed in these sigils and lit again. In addition, you need a bowl filled with several herbs and the blood of the conjurer. While one is now saying the incantation, one throws a match into the bowl along with the last word to ignite its contents.


The conjurer utters the following Latin formula while pouring his blood into the bowl and then lighting the contents:

... et ad congregandum eos coram me.


Dean uses a completely different version of the summoning ritual. The shape of the sigil differs greatly from the one that Bobby used. It's more of a triangle around which a circle has been drawn. Nevertheless, candles have to be placed at the respective ends of the triangle and lit.

The ingredients that you put in the bowl seem to be relatively complex because you need things like various dried herbs, nuts and preserved fruits. But as with other rituals, the bowl is placed back in the middle of the sigil and the contents are lit.

A special feature is that you don't seem to need the blood of the conjurer for this version, and Sam seems to have simply reused the same ritual later, although it is not entirely clear here whether he put everything back together before.

In the episode darkness Castiel uses the same type of summoning to summon Crowley.


Sam uses an incantation ritual in Time is running outto use it to summon the demon Ruby. This ritual has more in common with John's ritual. However, it is unclear whether the sigil drawn is also Ruby's. In addition, the incantation has been changed slightly:

... ad constrendingum, ad ligandum eos, pariter et solvendum,
et ad congregandum eos coram me.

The sigil that Sam uses is a circle within a larger triangle with symbols in each corner. A small bowl is placed in the center of the circle, while candles are placed and lit in the respective corners.

Any demon

This ritual does not summon a specific demon, only one that responds to the summon.


The summoner needs a total of five lit candles, as well as a bowl with different herbs or blood (human), which was placed on a Baphomet symbol. That is simply put, an upside-down pentacle, with the face of the baphomet.


The formula is quite short compared to other incantations, but only one line was audible:

... Ad ligandum eos pariter eos coram me.

Summoning a demon that was once cast out

This ritual conjures up a demon, which was previously driven out by an exorcism. The ritual was described by a white witch as the most powerful demon summoning she has ever seen, as it was able to summon a demon even if it was sent into the deepest depths of hell.


The incantation calls for a bowl filled with glowing coals, which must be placed on a special sigil. The heart of a dog and the blood of the exorcist must be put on the coals.


If you speak the incantation, everything in the vicinity begins to shake before the demon is able to take over a suitable shell nearby.

Due to the loud noises of the quake, only the first part of the incantation can be heard:

Te invoco apro fundus inferni ...

Special demons


These shadow demons can only be summoned by building an elaborate altar. For this you need a Zoroastrian symbol painted with blood, as well as candles, talismans, organs and other obscure things. It is important that the altar is kept in tact through regular rituals in order to continue to guarantee control over the Daevas.


An Acheri was conjured up and directed by the special child Ava Wilson through simple thought. How a normal person can summon an acheri is unknown.


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