Is Cristiano Ronaldo more influential than Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo: Ten Facts You Didn't Know Yet

Cristiano Ronaldo is vain, ambitious, plays good football and today faces VfL Wolfsburg in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 with Real Madrid (LIVE in our ticker from 8:45 p.m.). Everyone knows that much about the Real Madrid star. But there are many things about the reigning world footballer that are little known. Ten amazing facts.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo is a pretty nice guy

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo seems cocky and pretty self-centered. But the footballer who grew up in poverty also regularly shows a big heart. He saved his older brother Hugo from drug addiction. A few years ago he wrote a letter to the American prosecutor's office, putting in a good word for a fan who walked onto the pitch during a test match in Miami.

Especially with children, CR7 is very generous. So he paid the little epilepsy patient Erik Ortiz Cruz all the costs for an operation that his parents could not afford. He is a single father for his own son Cristiano Ronaldo junior and shields him from the public. Maybe it's all just image cultivation for your own PR. Or maybe Ronaldo is just a nice guy.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar have birthdays on the same day

Football stars are born on February 5th. After all, Cristiano Ronaldo, who was born in 1985, and Neymar, his colleague from FC Barcelona who are seven years his junior, are celebrating the cradle on this day. It is unlikely that the two league competitors will invite each other to their birthday parties.

3. Ronaldo broke a child's hand

Should it be better to hand out protective suits in the stadium when Cristiano Ronaldo is on the pitch? The powerful forward kicked the ball so hard in a free kick in July 2013 that he broke the wrist of an 11-year-old spectator. Little Charlie took it calmly. "It's the most spectacular way you can break your hand. Not like my father, who just fell from the tree," he later told journalists. As a small "compensation for pain and suffering", Ronaldo sent the boy a signed jersey.

4. A heart defect almost cost Ronaldo his career

At the age of 15, the Portuguese football deity was already a small star at his club, Sporting Lisbon at the time. But doctors diagnosed the teenager with arrhythmias. Without surgery, this could have jeopardized his career. Fortunately, everything went smoothly. What would have escaped the world!

5. Ronaldo was named after a US president

In the Portuguese-speaking world of football, Ronaldo has many namesakes. But the model for his name was the American actor Ronald Reagan, who was also US President from 1981 to 1989. Ronaldo's father is said to have been a huge Reagan fan.

6. The more goals Ronaldo scores, the fewer titles he wins

Alongside Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo has been the best footballer in the world for years. He scores goals as ordered. At Real Madrid, he hits an average of more than one goal per game. But his unique goal rate has only brought him one paltry championship title and two cup wins at the Spanish club. Even in his best year of 2013 with 69 goals, he didn't win a single title. During his time at Manchester United he scored much less often (a measly 84 goals in 196 games), but won the English championship three times in a row and the Champions League once.

7. At school it took him six years to complete three grades

The decisive factor is on the pitch: Cristiano Ronaldo suspected early on that he could be successful even without a good school leaving certificate. At least he skipped classes so often and was so lazy that it took him six years to complete three classes. But it still became something of him.

8. Ronaldo's pool at his Manchester estate was shaped like a seven

Seven is an almost sacred number for Ronaldo. It is not only his shirt number, his pool during his time at Manchester United is said to have been in the shape of a seven, according to the football magazine "11 Freunde".

9. Ronaldo is more influential than FC Bayern

Man and brand at the same time: the model athlete is a marketing genius. Its sponsors include Nike and Samsung. He also promoted Coca Cola, Armani, Electronic Arts and Pepe Jeans. He is known from Japan to Nigeria. So far, CR7 has garnered an incredible 110 million fans on Facebook. That is almost three times as much as the entire FC Bayern squad put together.

10. The referee who showed Ronaldo the red card was suspended for one month

Actually, Ronaldo is more known for his outstanding technique than for rough fouls. But in his career he has already received seven dismissals. There are just as many as Stefan "Stinkefinger" Effenberg and one less than Wüterich coach Jürgen Klopp.

The Real star received a very special red card in a league game against Athletic Bilbao in February 2014. He slapped his opponent and then hinted at a headbutt. He was banned for three games for this. But the responsible referee Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez was also thrown off the pitch: According to a commission, he was not allowed to whistle any more games for a month, and until the end of the season, none from Real Madrid. Whether the royal used their influence there?