Are flip flops more comfortable than sandals

Is there a sandal that is more airy than Flip flops? Hardly likely. The shoe is usually super comfortable, fits in every pocket and is not only comfortable to wear on the beach. But society is divided when it comes to flip-flops: some consider the sandals to be unfashionable, tasteless and even harmful to posture. Fans of the shoe love the model and can't even imagine a summer without flip-flops. If you're one of those people who can't quite decide whether it's fashionable and comfortable or clumsy and uncomfortable, we have a few here Advantages and disadvantages of the toe sandal summarized.

Disadvantages of wearing flip flops

Little hold

In contrast to closed shoes, the foot slips inside Flip-flop very much back and forth. Wearing the sandal while driving a car or on a bike is rather inconvenient. Even if you feel comfortable in the shoe, you can quickly get caught and slip away. The same applies to sport: although you can walk great in the toe separator, you should be really active in the right sports shoes.

Flat feet or malpositions?

With the widespread assumption that flip-flops promote misalignment of the feet or even cause flat feet, we can reassure you. This supposed disadvantage is unfounded and only applies in very rare cases. The footbed of well-known brands such as Birkenstock, Havaianas or Vionic is modeled on the shape of the foot. Regular wearing favors the adjustment and turns the shoe into an individual women's sandal that fits exactly.

The straps have to be right

Children in particular often have to squeeze into tight shoes that don't actually fit properly. In the same way it can be that the shoe is way too big. Extreme caution is required with flip-flops, because in addition to the length and width of the shoe, attention should also be paid to the straps of the toe separator. These should neither be too loose nor too close to the skin, otherwise they would chafe.

Benefits of wearing flip flops

Big feet were once upon a time

Feet get fat quickly in summer. Water is stored in them, prolonged sitting or standing in the heat also promote this water retention. If you want to do something on the other hand, you are very well served with high-quality flip-flops. The open shoe allows the feet to develop freely. Without the pressure of sturdy shoes from the outside, water retention and pain in the foot are prevented.

Unbeatable as a replacement shoe

For festive occasions such as weddings, special birthdays or visits to the theater, women like to force themselves into high, uncomfortable pumps that may look great, but cause hellish pain after a few hours. Flip-flops are just the thing. They are great to put in your handbag as spare shoes and are simply terrific in their function as rescuers in an emergency.

Always in fashion

The big flip-flop brands are always on the lookout for new shoe trends and bring at least one new collection onto the market every year. Whether colorful leather sandals, cheeky leather fringes or the shiny metallic look - if the material is right, hold a shoe of the best quality in your hand every summer that can easily keep up with ballerinas and other flat sandals with straps.

Our conclusion: This shoe is a real flip "top"

The times when flip-flops were used as bathing shoes are long gone. In terms of both fashion and orthopedics, the women's shoe, which is also available for men and children, can easily keep up with its shoe competitors. The high-quality branded models in particular consist largely of beautiful leather and a footbed for the proverbial walk on clouds. The next time you visit the shoe store, try on some sandals and find your new favorite and loyal companion for the summer.