Physical education is important

Sports in school

"That is why it is so important"

For many students, physical education is a welcome change from other lessons. After all, here the children can pursue their urge to move, compete with one another and let off steam. Sport in school also has an important educational benefit. In this way, schoolchildren in particular, whose everyday life is otherwise rather sedentary, can find access to various types of sport. But even with fit children who already do a lot of sport in their free time, physical activity at school increases their ability to concentrate and absorb. Learn interesting facts about school sports. You can also read about the advantages and disadvantages of a gym bag or sports bag.

Why physical education plays a crucial role

One can argue about the benefits of exercise in school. After all, it does not contribute directly to learning progress. In fact, physical education offers benefits in many ways. This isn't just limited to health benefits and fitness.

Sport also leads to a better absorption capacity and promotes learning. Concentration improves, the brain's intellectual capacity is increased, and stress and tension are reduced. In addition, having fun in physical education is a welcome change.

Exercise in school: these are the physical benefits

Of course, exercise at school also has the most obvious effect: exercise increases fitness and improves your physical condition. This reduces the risk of obesity, poor circulation and diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. In order for children to be really physically fit and sporty, two to four hours of physical education a week are usually not enough.

But at least this compensates for a lot of sitting in everyday life and is good for students physically and mentally. In addition, they are encouraged to enjoy sporting activities and to exercise more in their everyday lives. This is more important than ever, especially in an age where computers, consoles and virtual reality are increasingly present in children's lives.

Hidden Talents? Physical education can bring them to light

In addition, the various types of sports and exercise that are pursued during sports lessons offer the opportunity to get to know unknown disciplines. Your child can try out different sports here. In this way, your child may discover their talent for athletics, find fulfillment in gymnastics or become enthusiastic about swimming.

Your child learns these skills in school sports

Sport can make a big difference in schools, and not just in terms of class and physical condition. In addition, children learn here some important skills and characteristics that have a positive influence on personality development. Sport often goes hand in hand with learning important character traits.

Ambition and self-assertion, body control and body awareness, courage and self-testing and, last but not least, compliance with rules and the ability to work in a team are among the lessons of school sport.

Sport in school: diverse and more valuable than expected

All in all, there are very different skills that children acquire through play. Students not only have a welcome change here and do something for their bodies, they also develop important skills and possibly discover talents.

Why physical education actually makes a lot of sense is obvious: Not only is it very popular with many students, it also does a lot educationally.

The role of the right equipment

Our youngsters have to be well equipped for school sports. Without the right utensils, which are designed as appealing and user-friendly as possible, physical activity is associated with little joy.

On the one hand, the sportswear should be as breathable and functional as possible and fit well. In addition, children attach great importance to an appealing look, especially in front of their classmates.

Gym bag or sports bag: That counts when choosing

On the other hand, the bags in which the students take their sports equipment to school are even more important. Where children and adolescents already have a lot to carry in everyday school life, good handling and wearing comfort are all the more important here. Here parents and children have the choice between the classic gym bag and a sports bag.

While sports bags are more elaborate and usually offer more storage space, gym bags have the advantage that they are easier to transport. Although they only offer space for a few clothes and objects, they are, on the other hand, very easy to carry with the school bag. In addition to taste, this question increasingly depends on the wearing situation and the individual need for sports equipment.

These properties are in the foreground

Regardless of whether you choose a gym bag or a sports bag, you should consider the following criteria:

  • a child-friendly design, depending on age and preference with brightly colored, bright motifs
  • the highest possible level of comfort, a base plate helps with sports bags
  • Ergonomics (adjustability) and the right size
  • light weight
  • Durability and preferably water resistance
  • Ease of care

In addition, a reinforced base and trolley variants can be very beneficial for sports bags.

The school satchel set: These are the advantages it brings to everyday school life

Many well-known satchel and school backpack manufacturers offer their products as a set. Children can also benefit greatly from this for physical education classes.

A complete solution awaits you with a school satchel set: Depending on the manufacturer's individual offer, it consists of four to seven pieces. All in all, such a satchel set has two major advantages:

  1. All important items for everyday school life are ready in one fell swoop.
  2. Everything is perfectly coordinated in terms of color and design.

In addition, you can rely on the high quality of all items from a well-known brand. You can therefore assume that the enclosed bag will be of excellent use for sports at school.

Conclusion: sport and school go together

Even if there are some critical voices, physical education for children fulfills a number of important functions. It is not only very popular with many students, but also increases the level of fitness, counteracts obesity and lack of exercise and ensures better concentration and receptivity in school.

School sport makes sense in many ways and deserves a permanent place in the timetable. Of course, the equipment also has to be right: First and foremost, the right bag for sports should be found.