What is it like to work in the Congo?

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo)

The DR Congo has been experiencing one of the most serious humanitarian crises in the world since the late 1990s. Three quarters of the approximately 83 million Congolese live below the poverty line despite the enormous wealth of natural resources. The precarious food situation of the population is coming under further pressure from internal refugee movements. In the Human Development Index 2015, the country ranks 176th out of 188. Around 60 percent of the DR Congo is covered by rainforest. It is of global interest to conserve this vast natural carbon reservoir and its unique biodiversity.

Due to the tense political situation in the DR Congo, on behalf of the BMZ and the Federal Foreign Office, GIZ has been pursuing an approach of non-governmental development cooperation since 2017 and is concentrating on target-group-oriented activities.

GIZ's most important areas of work in the DR Congo are:

  • Protection and sustainable use of natural resources
  • Drinking water / sewage
  • Sustainable economic development
  • peace and security

The creation of sustainable and affordable drinking water and sanitation while observing hygiene standards has given over a million people access to clean drinking water to date. The economic and social situation of the population has improved thanks to a more stable and inclusive range of financial services. The focus of the protection of natural resources is on supporting the Congolese nature conservation authority in the management of six protected areas. In the mining sector, GIZ promotes good governance by, for example, making information on payments in the country's most important economic sector transparent and publicizing it. GIZ also supports cooperation between the private sector, public administration and civil society in order to jointly draw up and implement plans for local development. In the area of ​​peace and security, GIZ strengthens international and Congolese actors involved in peacebuilding. Here, for example, we work with radio stations and local NGOs on topics such as violence prevention and social and economic empowerment.

In order to restore the basis of life for the population and to secure it in the long term, the DR Congo also receives funds from the BMZ special initiative "ONE WORLD without Hunger" With the Congo Basin Commission, GIZ also supports cross-border initiatives, such as the expansion of inland navigation in the Congo and strategies for the peaceful and economic use of the river.