How do I take notes for physics

Physics - take digital notes in the lecture (formulas, etc.)?

I have to write an argumentative text about homeschooling. I also found some good points for and against homeschooling, but I don't know how to put that in a text.

Do you have an idea?

Thesis: Homeschooling is an alternative to real school.

• Some teachers don't reply to your emails

• Some students don't take the concept seriously

• In homeschooling you are sometimes given way too many tasks

• Can't ask questions directly and get an answer. Usually one is already busy with something completely different

• Organization is bad (only mean in non-digital schools)

• It's easy to get distracted

• The school has a prescribed timetable so that you learn a lot more in a very short time

• Poor time management

• Assignments from each teacher in the school

• You have to learn some topics yourself

• You see classmates, friends and teachers

• When discussing assignments in school, it is immediately noticeable if you don't have the assignment

• There is no discussion of tasks that means you can do the tasks a day later

• Can walk around in any comfortable clothing

• Digital schools have advantages:

👉🏻The students have been familiar with digital work for a long time (have more practical experience). Already have good apps where tasks can be sent. There was also an introduction to how to use them in class.

👉🏻 Example Onenote: There are already schools that use this app and are super satisfied. Even the students think the app is good and enjoy using it. There are folders there, for example Phisik 8.1 and if you then click on it there are even more folders for this subject, for example notes or one that is similar to a Whatsapp group. Anyone can write in from the short. With other folders only you can write in or write in. There are also folders where only you and the teacher can look and write. Other folders are homework or vocabulary ...

👉🏻When you work with Ipads or the like, you can never forget something because you have almost everything digital. Less is lost too. You also have a lot of things to hand much faster

• You can sleep longer

• Organize yourself when you want to do which subject

• Saves the trip to school

• You learn to learn independently

• Risk of contagion is lower

I have to write a text.

Does anyone know how many children will statistically be in home schooling in 2020 or 2019?

Thanks in advance.