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Who can fill up with bioethanol?

The German fuel market has long since not only offered diesel and gasoline - alternative fuels are becoming increasingly important. These not only protect them environment and make us independent of the finite raw material crude oil, but are through many times cheap prices also good for the wallet.

One of the alternative fuels is the so-called Bioethanol, which in Germany is usually called E85 on sale is. But what does the Term "E85"? Which cars can fill up with ethanol? What are FFV? At which gas stations can i buy bioethanol? How is bioethanol made? These and other questions are answered in the following guide.

FAQ: Bioethanol (E85)

What is E85?

This is an alternative fuel that is made up of 85 percent bioethanol and 15 percent gasoline.

Can I fill up with E85?

Since this fuel is not as generally tolerable as something E10, it may only be used in vehicles that are considered to be ethanol-compatible.

How good is bioethanol for the environment?

Bioethanol is obtained from renewable raw materials and the corresponding vehicles are CO2-neutral.

What is bioethanol? How does the production work?

Bioethanol is one Form of alcohol. The prefix "bio" is given to ethanol because it is exclusively made from biomass becomes. In Germany are mostly used for production Grain in the form of wheat or rye or Sugar beet used. By a distillation The bioethanol is finally obtained from these products.

Bioethanol as a fuel: what is E85?

Bioethanol is mostly used at petrol stations, at least in Germany not in its pure form offered with 100% ethanol. At German petrol stations you will only find ethanol as a so-called "blend", ie as a mixture. Normal super gasoline has a certain proportion of Bioethanol mixed in.

These mixtures are designated with an "E" and a number. The number indicates the percentage of ethanol that was added to the gasoline. The best known is probably E10. So this is super gasoline, the ten percent bioethanol were added. This fuel can range from around 90 percent of all gasoline engines can be refueled without any problems.

The fuel E85 therefore has a share of 85 percent bioethanol and 15 percent gasoline. In contrast to the E10, however, the E85 can not easily refueled by every car become. It has to be Suitability of the vehicle for operation with E85.

In Brazil will also be pure bioethanol offered as E 100. Here is the alternative fuel E85 much more common than in Europe, for example.

How environmentally friendly is bioethanol?

Bioethanol, like biodiesel for example, is made from renewable raw materials manufactured and is therefore always available. Besides, it is Co2 neutral. This means that when the fuel is burned, only as much carbon dioxide is produced as the plants previously removed from the atmosphere.

Which cars can E85 refuel?

You can fill up with E85 or pure bioethanol if you have one suitable vehicle feature. In conventional vehicles, ethanol can damage the engine and other parts. Only vehicles where Fuel pump, Injectors, tank and fuel lines Ethanol compatible are allowed to fill up with E85.

For refueling with bioethanol and E85, the so-called FFV ("Flexible Fuel Vehicles") suitable. With these vehicles a sensor measures the mixing ratio of ethanol and gasoline in the tank and automatically adapts the ignition timing to this. In addition, all parts are designed so that they are not attacked by the ethanol can.

Bioethanol: filling stations in Germany

To Late 2015 could E85 to cheap gasoline price offered as the fuel exempt from energy tax was. From 2016, E85 will be taxed 22 cents per liter higher than diesel, which means the Price advantage canceled is.

Bioethanol - Rising price in Germany
In response to this development, E85 was approved by some gas stations removed from the range. This is particularly bitter for consumers, since before this change in the taxation of ethanol at the petrol station little common was.
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    • Colleague, the subsidy has expired.

      In 2010 I paid 90 cents / liter and my Golf 3 ran great.

      Unfortunately, due to the lack of subsidies, there is no longer a market for the fuel.

    • I want to fill up with this “organic broth”! But I don't feel that anywhere in Bavaria, the advantage of the E85 is that you can achieve more power because the AFR (Air / Fuel Ratio) or in German: air / fuel mixture is much lower, so you need less air to burn the same amount of fuel, this results in a significant increase in consumption, but also has significantly more power (AT LEAST 5% more power!) and the octane number is higher (105-116 octane, Super Plus has 98, Super has 95, Aral Ultimate 102 has 102, Shell V-Power has 101 as far as I know), so you can shift the ignition timing more towards early -> more power and you are also environmentally friendly on the road :) In the past, it was also worthwhile in normal vehicles (or FlexFuel vehicles, since normal ones couldn't take it in some cases), because there were subsidies, which made it a similar alternative to LPG, but unfortunately the subsidies were abolished, which means you can only do it seldom finds and when, then with such prices even though it is a perfect fuel :(