Who can help me write my essay?

Write an essay with joy

Release the blockages
free the imagination!

While most of the poorly spelled or dyslexic children are very creative and imaginative, many of these skills fail when it comes to essay writing.

The reason for this are the blockages that have arisen from repeated, negative experiences in connection with spelling.

In order to avoid mistakes as much as possible, not only the sentences but also the whole texts are getting shorter and the formulations are getting simpler.

That is why it is important to help your child with appropriate exercises and tools to stimulate their imagination again and to direct their thoughts in an orderly manner. Let your child tell their story and you will write it down as their "secretary".

Writing is also a craft

The imagination, the good idea, is the "mother" of a successful essay. But then you also need the “father”, the craftsman, who builds a great story from the idea: with an introduction, climax, a pointed ending, told in an exciting and varied way at the right time and according to the requirements of the genre.
What applies to any craft also applies to writing: it can be learned.

SCHLAUDINO helps your child to write good, self-written essays!

The Essay Master tutorial will help your child through

  • Ideas and material collection techniques to stimulate the imagination and structure the thoughts.
  • Exercises on content and structure, creating an arc of suspense in the story and doing justice to the individual types of essays (with checklist).
  • Writing vocabulary and style exercises in a lively, exciting and expressive way.