What should a CS graduate learn from scratch?

Did you program your own little computer games as a child? Or unscrew your computer to see what the inside looks like? Are you fascinated by the world of IT? Then a degree in Computer Science would suit you very well. We have summarized all the important information for you so that you can get an idea of ​​the course.

To put it right up front and to answer possible questions immediately: Computer science is the same as computer science, it is just the term that is used in English for our German term computer science.

Without computer science, our world would function very differently today, because without it there would be no technical devices with special programming. We would have to do without smartphones, the navigation system, microwaves and thousands of other things. Instead, computer science continues to develop and work on innovative new technologies that make our lives more comfortable.

If you are interested in studying Computer Science, take a look at our database with all universities and technical colleges. There you will see that you will not only find what you are looking for under the term computer science, because most courses run under this, but you are sure to find a suitable course also under specialized courses such as software engineering, medical and bioinformatics or automotive computing.

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An overview of the computer science course

Matching universities and technical colleges

You have to meet the following requirements for studying Computer Science:

personal requirements

  • Technical understanding
  • Understanding of math
  • Enthusiasm for computer science
  • Analytical understanding
  • Creativity and inventiveness (also to find solutions)
  • Perseverance (if things don't work out right away)
  • English skills
  • accuracy
  • Curiosity
  • team spirit

At the beginning of your computer science degree you will learn quite a few basics. You may even have heard a lot of this before, if you also enjoy dealing with computers and information technology in your private life. The theory alone will not be of any use in the course if you cannot apply it and so you will be able to tinker, try out and program a lot yourself during the course. You will quickly find out that not everything always works right away - if you study computer science, you should have stamina and not be put off by a failed attempt. Because you will learn that too: How to work problem-oriented and solution-oriented.

How exactly the computer science course is structured and what content is taught is different at every university and college. That is why it is worth taking a look at the respective pages of your chosen university so that you can check the content for yourself and know whether, for example, you like the focus areas.

Possible contents of the course are:

  • Basics of computer science
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Information technology
  • Programming and programming languages
  • Software quality assurance
  • Systems theory
  • Database systems
  • Operating systems and networks
  • Web development
  • IT security

In order to always guarantee practical relevance, you will usually also complete a compulsory internship during your studies. Often you can write your bachelor thesis during this time. If you have passed these and all other exams, you will complete your computer science degree with a Bachelor of Engineering.

Duration: 6 semesters
Graduation: Bachelor of Engineering (BSc)
ECTS credits: 180
Study model: Full time, distance learning
Particularities: Depending on the university, compulsory internship in the 6th semester in Germany or abroad, optional semester abroad

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