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As the cradle of the United States of America, Philadelphia has enormous historical significance. It has recently even been named a World Heritage City, placing it on a par with cities such as Jerusalem and Rome. The density of sights is particularly high in the city center, so there is something to discover everywhere!

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Experience this indescribable city, which combines both exciting history and colorful modernity, on two themed city tours:

History Walk
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From Benjamin Franklin to Sylvester Stallone
In the “City of Brotherly Love”, as Philadelphia is also called, history is within one's grasp. But it's not just the witnesses of the past that draw tourists to the second largest city on the east coast. Philadelphia, home of the film boxer Rocky and the actor Will Smith, is also a very modern, but above all an incredibly friendly city with very different neighborhoods that can be explored on foot. Look forward to a great food scene, wonderful parks, tax-free shopping and, above all, unique street art! If you like, sprint up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art at the statue of Sylvester Stallone, like Rocky once did in the film and then treat yourself to a legendary Philly cheesesteak. Here we go!

This German-language video takes you on a visual tour of the city. Then we will introduce you to the two wonderful tours that we have put together for you!

Not just history
Welcome to one of the oldest cities in the United States! It was founded in 1681 by the Quaker William Penn, who is also the namesake of the state of Pennsylvania. It was the capital of the new colony and a good 100 years later also the capital of the United States of America, which were born here. Pretty much anyone who has ever visited a museum in the USA knows that Americans can bring the past to life. Not only can you empathize with it, you can feel it, and history is always exciting, sometimes presented in a Hollywood-style manner. Philadelphia's old town is not just a collection of pretty, historic buildings. Rather, the visitor is presented with the dramatic story of courageous and revolutionary men and women who abandoned the oppression of the British Crown, created a new America and changed the course of history.
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Colorful Philly
Of course, you can't miss the historical monuments when visiting Philadelphia. They make the city what it is. But “Philly” also has a modern, hip side. From the love sculpture to the Philly Cheese Steak and pretty beer gardens to the famous murals - nowhere in the world are there more! We show the most important sights and reveal what you should definitely not miss when visiting Philadelphia!
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