What analytics tools track Ajax events

Log file analysis: This is what the web server log reveals about your visitors

A log file analysis that contains the data of the website visitors always touches aspects of data protection, whereby two aspects in particular should be emphasized in this context: On the one hand, the analysis method scores with the possibility of to save all determined data on your own server. Host your web server - and the associated log file - with a external provider, you should find out exactly which services it offers for secure data protection. It is important that the Location of the server in the EU, at best in Germany, so that you can guarantee a high degree of data integrity and adequately protect the privacy of your visitors. With tracking tools such as Google Analytics, concerns about this arise again and again - not least due to the fact that all user information is stored on the servers of the large corporation, most of which are located in the USA.

The second important point concerns the question of the personal reference of the collected log file analysis data. While information such as the access time, pages viewed or the browser used hardly provides any information on the specific person, the situation with regard to the recorded IP address is completely different: especially with statically assigned IP addresses Data protection experts criticize the at least theoretically given possibility of being able to establish a direct personal reference. Location localization based on IP is even completely forbidden in Germany. Generally speaking, webmasters are advised to use the addresses in anonymized form to save and delete after one week at the latest, unless there is a statutory retention requirement.

However, if you want to evaluate your log files, you do not have this option, as anonymization would prevent the various actions of a single user from being merged. To be on the safe side, website operators should use the Instead, inform users about the recording of the IP address for analysis purposesas prescribed by the Telemedia Act (ยง13).