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Witches Board Evening: You should never summon these 6 horrific film demons!

Witch boards are popular party fun on Halloween. But whoever gets involved with the demons of hell should know exactly what to expect. We have summoned six of the most powerful and scary film demons for you, so that your next witches board evening is safe.

I. Abyzou (also called "Abizou" or "Obizuth")

  • Additional name: "Demon of Miscarriage"
  • origin: Folklore, Middle East
  • Appearances: "Possession - the dark in you"

Background: Abyzou is a female demon who is primarily dedicated to destroying children's souls. More precisely, this demon hunts pregnant women in order to spoil their unborn babies. If this does not succeed, the mothers are showered with plague and cholera. Allegedly, Abyzou came to the world of demons out of envy, since she herself is sterile. Likes to come along with a mysterious box that brings calamity and ruin to its owner.

Appearance: Provided with fish and snake-like attributes


II. ZoZo (also called the "Ouija demon")

  • Additional name: "The pervert"
  • origin: Christianity
  • Appearances: "I Am ZoZo", "Zozo", "Ouija"

background: The problem with most demons is that just briefly saying “hello” somehow doesn't work. For example, anyone who makes direct contact with a demon named Zozo using a witch's board has actually already lost. Zozo is known for wanting to destroy anyone who contacts him using the witch board. And not only the direct contact persons - friends and family of the witch board players have to believe in it too. Oh, and women like to be sexually harassed by Zozo. Hence his surname. His real name 'Zozo' was first mentioned in a 19th century French dictionary. So the guy has been in business for a while. So if the first letter "Z" appears at the next Witches Board evening, just go home.

Appearance: Has horns. Supposedly like to travel as a raven.


III. Baal (also known as "Bael")

  • Additional name: "Ruler of a crowd", "God of Carthage"
  • Origin: Christianity
  • Appearance: "The ritual"

Background: With Baal you draw a hell of a ass card. The demon, described as a bearded, elderly man with twisted horns, was once considered a powerful deity of the sky and vegetation. Now Baal is the second greatest power in hell. So right behind Lucifer personally. Sounds like trouble. As one of the seven lords of hell, Baal does not stop at priests and religious warriors. For example, Father Lucas Trevant (Anthony Hopkins) was possessed by Baal. And whoever submits to Sir Anthony Hopkins, the whole world is at their feet.

Appearance: Human, cat, spider - or a mix of everything (ugh!)


IV. Alastair

  • Additional name: "Torturer of Souls"
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Appearance: "Supranatural"

Background: Alastair was once the chief torturer in Hell. He can easily wander back and forth between hell and our world and has white eyes. Its numerous abilities include: Possession, Immortality, and Invulnerability. Did we mention that he likes to torture? And that for 40 years.

Appearance: human


V. Paimon (also called "Paymon / Paimonia")

  • Additional name: "The prince of madness", "The one who robs you of your mind"
  • Origin: Christianity
  • Appearance: "The last exorcism"

Background: Paimon is one of the kings of hell in demonology and is mentioned in various grimoirs. According to Wikipedia he is more than "obedient to Lucifer other kings"; the book describes him "sitting on a dromedary, wearing a magnificent crown and having feminized facial features". Should he appear to you, then he speaks with a "screeching, roaring voice". However, there is a pretty detailed guide on how to encounter Paimon while summoning. For example: be sure to look to the northwest, as Paimon's house is located there. And: "If he is summoned alone and through an offering, two kings named Beball and Abalam appear after him". All right. By the way: Paimon can initiate the apocalypse if not used properly.

Appearance: Female, sitting on a dromedary

VI. Pazuzu (son of Hanbu)

  • Additional name: "Lord of the Pestilence"
  • Origin: Babylonian and Assyrian mythology
  • Appearance: "The Exorcist I & III"

Background: We have all seen the "Exorcist" and so we know pretty well what Pazuzu has on the pan. There is a lot going on there! As a personification of the "cold wind" he used to like to bring fever and cold. This nasty demon, who is considered to be one of the most powerful of all, is also very familiar with major plagues. In the film, Pazuzu makes great fun of defaming God and obsessing over an innocent girl. However, anyone who knows what Pacuzu's real figure looks like is almost grateful that we have never seen him personally.

Appearance: Lion-like head, eagle feet, snake-headed penis, a scorpion tail and four wings

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