Why is cotton preferred for a towel?

Five quality criteria for buying a towel

1. The material


The most important part of a towel is and remains the thread used. Cotton is the most popular material for making towels because it feels comfortable on the skin and is insensitive.
With a high-quality cotton yarn and the right weaving technique, a soft towel is created that is still absorbent. To check this, take a closer look at the loops of the towel. If the loops are long and upright, the towel is highly absorbent.

When buying, it is important to know the distinction between terrycloth and terrycloth. Terrycloth is a smooth fabric in which the loops are only created by an effect yarn. Terrycloth, on the other hand, requires a complex weaving technique consisting of two warp systems in which loops are woven on both sides. Terrycloth is therefore denser, more grippy and of higher quality than terrycloth.


2. The thickness

One of the things that is directly related to the absorbency of a towel is its thickness. You can also check these with a simple test directly in the shop: Hold the towel up to the light. If the light shines through, the towel is too thin.

But be careful: the thickness of a towel should not be used solely as a quality criterion, as the weaving technique used has a major influence on it. The hammam towel, for example, is an exception. It is much thinner than other towels, but is in no way inferior to them in terms of suction strength.


3. The softness


The question of how soft a towel has to be is always a topic of lively discussion.
Some prefer it to be grippy, others prefer the fluffy version. If you belong to the latter, you have to be particularly careful not to fall into a trap when buying. Some thick and therefore very soft towels often disappoint in their absorbency. This can be the result of chemical pretreatment of the yarn. To avoid this, look out for the "Oekotex 100" seal of approval. This guarantees a pollutant-free production without legally forbidden and / or harmful chemicals of the goods.

4. The weight

A well-known indicator for measuring the quality of towels is weight. This usually refers to the area of ​​the cloth. For a standard towel with a size of 50 × 100 cm, the weight starts at 400 grams per square meter - which means light quality and usually ends at 600 grams per square meter. From this weight onwards, the towel becomes uncomfortable and heavy. For private use, towels weighing 450-500 grams are the most popular.

As with softness, weight is always a personal taste. It is more important to pay attention to the cotton yarn used and the weaving technique.


5. The color quality


You can also read a lot from the color of the towel. If it is very strong, it speaks for high quality. If the color already looks faded when you buy it, you should stay away from it.

A look at the care instructions doesn't hurt either. If the towel is only allowed to be washed at 40 degrees, it usually has poor color stability. Towels that can be washed at 60 degrees and the colors still shine afterwards are better.

A wash cycle of up to 90 degrees should be possible for white or light colors.