What is breath alkalosis

Breathe Faster to Lose (More) Weight?

There are two organs that control pH: the lungs and the kidneys. When one has a problem, the others step in to fix it. The body doesn't like it when the pH is far from 7.4.

CO 2 -Gas vented or withheld from the lungs. More CO 2 = more acidic. CO 2 is in equilibrium with bicarbonate HCO 3- . The kidney takes care of it. More HCO 3- = more alkalinity.

Chronic respiratory acidosis is quite common - people have bad lungs and may have CO 2 not get rid of it. When you have acute respiratory acidosis (like a heroin overdose and not breathing enough), it is difficult for the kidney to move fast enough to help. In the chronic form, however, the kidney holds a lot of HCO 3 fixed and does not drain it in the urine to maintain pH.

Chronic breath alkalosis is uncommon, but the kidney would do the same thing in reverse: draining bicarbonate to lower the pH.

So in the short term you can raise your pH and get rid of a negligible amount of calories, but in the long run the net CO 2 -Loss will be the same.

A better way to get calories than CO 2 to exhale is to exhale more CO 2 to produce. Your breathing rate will automatically increase to get rid of it and keep the pH normal. A great way to get more CO 2 To produce consists in oxidizing fat and glucose molecules to produce ATP for your muscles.