How can someone legally kill people

The fun of killing

People who are at peace grew up are, can not imagine cold blooded to use a gun. “Healthy people to have a big Shybefore, something to others Brutalto do“Says he Neurobiologist Joachim Bauer. That's because Neuronsthat us too compassionate Make people.

But the world is not all about compassion. Many people are brutal in war. The psychologist Thomas Elbert spoke to child soldiers for whom killing is part of everyday life. They told him that killing was for them intoxicating is. Elbert believes that the body opiatepours outthat lead to this intoxication.

But if the person doesn't to the Kill born how can it come to this? Anyone who only knows violence will at some point become themselves violentsay the researchers. Are child soldiers traumatizedbecause, for example, their family was brutally killed. Then the part goes in brain broken that for compassion responsible is. “Each of us can to be brought aboutto kill another person, ”says Elbert.

He also believes a lot bloodshed leads to even more violence because people like to smell blood. So man is after all a Predator? The neuroscientists say that it is usually peaceful - if severe Trauma not to killer be let.


Murderer / murderer
- someone who planned to kill another person

to grow up - grow up; spend his childhood

cold blooded - without feeling; horrible; → brutal

To be afraid of something - To be afraid of something; do not dare to do anything

brutally - horrible; so that one uses force; → violent

to do something to someone - hurt someone physically or mentally

Neurobiologist / neurobiologist - a scientist who studies the nervous system

Neurons (f.) - a tiny part of the body that sends signals

to feel with someone - have a similar feeling to someone who has experienced something specific (noun: compassion)

get intoxicated with something - consume a drug or an alcoholic drink so that one can no longer think clearly (noun: the intoxication)

Opium, opiates (n.) - a drug obtained from a plant (poppy)

to pour something out - here: release something; produce something

to be born to something - be made for something; be talented for something

traumatized - psychologically injured by a bad experience (noun: the trauma)

Brain, -e (n.) - also: brain; the thinking organ in a person's head

be responsible for something - to be responsible for something

to get someone to do something - influence someone to do something specific

bloodshed (n., singular only) - a crime in which many people are killed

Predator, -e (n.) - an animal that eats other animals

Questions about the text

1. What is
Not in the text?
a) All human beings have nerve cells that allow them to feel with other human beings.
b) Those who are traumatized lose compassion.
c) When people smell blood, the body releases opiates.

2. What's right?
a) There is a lot of violence in war; the soldiers therefore have compassion for the dead.
b) Anyone who experiences violence as a child often becomes violent themselves.
c) When one has trauma, one always becomes a murderer.

3. The psychologist Thomas Elbert says ...
a) that killing can intoxicate people.
b) that everyone who takes opium likes to kill.
c) that all humans are predators.

4. Which pronominal adverb is suitable? Whether someone is ready to kill depends ... on what they have seen in their life.
a) thereby
b) of it
c) with it

5. Which pronominal adverb is correct? When children have trauma, they ... more violent acts.
a) thereby
b) of it
c) with it

Work order
What do you know about child soldiers? In which countries are they fighting? Discuss whether they will be able to have a normal life again at some point.