Where did you go for your job

World travel check: are you ready for your trip? Test yourself through 23 questions

Do you think of everything when planning your trip around the world or do you still need one or the other for your planning? Find out now in the world travel check.

The most important questions you should ask yourself during your world travel check:

  1. Is your job organized, have you already talked to your employer? Termination or sabbatical?
  2. Do you have yourself at employment exchange reported?
  3. Have you made a budget plan for your trip? Credit cards* applied for?
  4. Do you know what you do with your apartment? Do you want to terminate, sell or sublet it?
  5. Have you already cleaned out your household and sold things to top up your travel budget?
  6. Do you know where you can store the rest of your furniture or personal items?
  7. Have you canceled your insurance that you no longer need during your trip?
  8. And do you already have one Foreign health insurance* completed?
  9. Do you need one Travel insurance or luggage insurance*?
  10. Have you already found out about the travel costs of the individual countries?
  11. Have you found out about the necessary vaccinations or have you already started vaccinating?
  12. Have you already decided on a type of flight ticket? Round-the-world ticket,Single ticket or one Combination of both?
  13. Have you already applied for a visa (if necessary) for your first travel destination? And do you know which countries you need a visa for?
  14. Do you already know what you want to take with you and with what luggage you like to travel
  15. Do you want one learn new language* or brush up so that you can communicate well?
  16. How long is your passport still valid?
  17. Do you have an approximate Route planning in the head?
  18. Do you have a power of attorney?
  19. Have you already digitized your documents so that you can access everything important online?
  20. Do you need an international driver's license or have you already applied for one?
  21. Has the deregistration from Germany already been completed?
  22. Have you already deregistered from the employment office?
  23. Have you ever an accommodation booked for the first few nights?
  24. Do you already know how to get from the airport to your accommodation?

How was your world travel check?

Is everything done already? Great, then you are perfectly prepared and can start at any time!

If you can't answer all of the questions yet, mine will help you CHECKLIST for your world travel planning so that you will have everything done soon! Do you have any further questions about world travel? Then it will definitely help you World travel FAQ further!

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