What texture or sound gives you goose skin

Scare FX

Effects for goosebumps

There are more and more thrillers to be seen on television. For this you need effects that give you the goose bumps you need when it was just the cat again. For such sounds you can tell your girlfriend that shoes are taxed at 80 percent or simply take away a tiger's cub. For less risk there is now Scare FX from Mike Novy.

The purchase works via download. After the purchase you get a link and the 852 MB migrate to the computer. That went very quickly and without any problems for me. The data is in MP3 format. With 320kps there shouldn't be any reason to complain.
The library offers five different categories:
Ambient textures
Here you can choose between 182 files - 70 high, 60 medium and 55 low. With some high atmospheres, I would have chosen low. All atmos are two minutes long. Every atmosphere is alive. However, some atmospheres are a little too lively for my taste. Here you can get soup and salad in one bowl. Just like pasta on pizza, it's a matter of taste.

Blood Freezing Slide FX
Here, too, there is high, medium and low. They are there with 59 effects. From 2 seconds to 30 seconds. Some sounds sound more electronic, others like strings.

Ghost Voice FX
You have to be satisfied with 15 files here. However, the quality is consistently good. In contrast to the previous effects, organic material seems to have been used. The area in the background is only against 'backup copies'.

Shocking Hit FX
In addition to the usual sub-categories, there are also the extras 'Hard' and 'Soft'. 102 hits are offered. With the hits I sometimes miss the attack and some files sound more like atmosphere to me. It's also a shame that there is often an echo. Hall is often enough for me. I would have expected something different here. I am not shocked here.

Special Sound FX
There is some secondary material in these 31 files. Due to the numbering and missing names, it is difficult to assign files precisely and to find them quickly. Some are long, some are short. In principle, these sounds could have been placed in the previous categories.

Shock or flop?
The purchase is quick and easy. The sounds go clear for the price. However, I would have liked the sounds to be a bit more organic. For my taste it sounds too electronic or like basic electronic material. The names do not always help or are not always very meaningful and are not easy to remember. The categories are mostly logical.
It's a shame that there are sometimes too many effects (reverb, delay). On the positive side, you don't hear whether other libraries have been used. You can hear other manufacturers very clearly that z. B. was stolen from the "XXL Pro FX". Not here.
For 24.90 euros you get a nice introduction to the world of goosebumps.
Tim Heinrich