What are the individual advantages of sociology

FS Sociology

Sociology as a science of society examines and compares forms of social action. This enables us to better understand the complex processes between people, in groups, institutions or in the societies in which we live. You will learn about the collective behavior of people, about the structure, development and functioning of social institutions and organized groups. Because we are not only part of these things, we also invent them at the same time.

Have you questioned the knowledge that was imparted to you in school a number of times? Stupid memorization has not challenged you? If the critical discussion within your subject has always excited you, if you want to explain human behavior and perhaps also learn to understand your own behavior better, then you are in good hands in sociology.

The skills that you learn in sociology, for example in the areas of group behavior and intercultural relationships or with regard to phenomena such as racism, sexism, migration, family relationships, health and many more, can be used in many areas of work. The interplay of interactive group work, reading courses, independent projects and the learning of presentation techniques promote your ability to work in a team, independence, problem-solving skills, your critical thinking and your ability to understand relationships and express yourself specifically. These are important prerequisites for the job market.

In addition to working at the university, these skills can also be used in institutes, parties, ministries, foundations, associations, unions or, quite simply, in the private sector and primarily in consulting, in market / Opinion research, in marketing or in human resources. You can become a criminologist, demographer, gerontologist, statistician, data scientist, urban planner and much more. .be formed. There are hundreds of career paths for professional sociologists and it is always important: Often there is no sociology on it, but it is still there.


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