Why should I care about Twitter?

Twitter - is there anything in it for me as an entrepreneur?

Almost every day - so it seems to me - Twitter posts from various celebrities become The ultimate news hook in the morning breakfast news or afternoon lifestyle magazines on TV: Justin Bieber recently presented his bare downside on Twitter. Football stars like Jerome Boateng, Ricardo da Silva Campos or Mario Götze are currently celebrating happily at the Oktoberfest, and of course they also share this with their Twitter followers with appropriate photo evidence.

But there will be more to discover on Twitter than naked celebrity popos (and recently Edward Snowden with his own account)? Clear yes!

Twitter users are interested in many things

Fortunately, the bandwidth on Twitter is not limited to gossip, lifestyle or tabloid topics or users who are exclusively interested in these topics. Of course, these areas also make up part of the success of the microblogging platform - but not exclusively.

Here is a screenshot from a webinar by the Twitter Academy (by the way, I can recommend it for those interested in Twitter) from May 2015 about the Top interests of German Twitter users: In addition to music and film, scientific and technical topics as well as food / cooking are among the “trending interests”, to use Twitter jargon.

The areas of interest of Twitter users are therefore quite diverse. Good news for companieswho may not have seen each other on Twitter before because they believed their industry was not active there.

Chances of success for SMEs on Twitter

"All well and good, but we're much too small for that, who should be interested in us on Twitter?" SMEs also have good chances on Twitterto successfully pursue sales-promoting goals. For example, over 90 percent of German Twitter users state that they want to buy from an SME that they discovered there.

And even better: These users are actively looking for small and medium-sized companies on Twitter. Then when they decide to follow an account, they enjoy interacting with the company, e.g. B. in the form of retweets.

Twitter has one Survey among 500 German Twitter users carried out. The study published this year provides further indications for the success potential of the short message service for SMEs.

"Insights for SME customers"

According to the study "Insights for SME Customers", a Twitter presence for SMEs is also closed Image purposes conducive; almost three quarters of German users state that they have one better attitude with SMEs since they followed their news. Another interesting aspect: More than half of the users who discover an SME on Twitter and follow the account also visit the company's website or online shop according to their own information. The network thus creates good links to other company presences on the web.

What else is there worth knowing? German Twitter users are generally loyal brand followers, companies rarely unfollow and are curious and open-minded, e.g. B. towards new products. As an SME, you can also look forward to this: If you have another follower, it is very likely that you have gained a new, hard-working supporter for your brand, product or service at the same time. There are many influencers on Twitter who are accordingly well networked and attract a lot of attention from their followers. If you manage to network with important experts or opinion leaders from your industry and B. To be retweeted, you also benefit from their network and increase your reach and awareness.

But you think your target group isn't even on Twitter?

Many different age groups are represented in the network, with 22 percent primarily 25 to 34-year-olds, but younger and older generations can also be found there. Especially when you consider that the platform has over 300 million active users worldwide and is used by over 10 million Germans, the result is a considerable number of users and potential customer target groups across all ages.

Tacheles: So what's in it for SMEs?

Time to take a closer look at the benefits a Twitter channel can offer SMEs:

  • You can establish contacts with journalists, bloggers, cooperation partners, etc. and thus expand your network

After all, your important stakeholders or target groups are not just customers. In addition, due to its speed and short communication channels, Twitter is a very popular medium for research purposes, especially among journalists. Network with local media, journalists and bloggers relevant to your industry. Then you have a good chance of establishing valuable contacts, e.g. For example, when introducing a new product, an upcoming "open house" or similar, report or blog and tweet about you in the future.

  • Use the potential to discover new target groups

Who is actually following me? Your company already has its own Twitter account and first followers? Then take a closer look at what kind of people are interested in your news. You may not have considered certain target groups for your business yet. Many of your followers will likely tweet about topics similar to yours. Therefore, you can check directly whether the tweets of your followers are also of interest to you and follow them back if necessary.

There is also the option of drawing users' attention to your channel via Twitter advertisements. For example, promoted tweets will also be shown to non-followers who have similar characteristics to your existing followers. The ads are also displayed in Twitter feeds on some external websites and apps (e.g. in the Flipboard news app) so that you can also achieve reach outside of the network.

  • Keep up to date with your own industry

Is your competition on Twitter? Occasionally, it is worth taking a look at what and how the competitors are tweeting. You can also use hashtags appropriate for your industry, products or services to check what the community is currently interested in, moving or discussing on the topic.

  • Establish yourself as an expert

So far, only a few of your competitors have dared to venture into the Twitter universe? Then make something of it! Be the first and establish yourself there as experts in your field, answer the questions that are frequently asked there or in general. Link your YouTube videos in the tweets. B. provides short, easy-to-understand operating instructions for your products.

Naturally, it sounds easier than it is at the beginning. But first and foremost, at this point I am concerned with the core idea that Twitter is worthwhile for companies for many different reasons, even if your own benefits may not always be apparent at first glance.

  • Twitter as part of a comprehensive marketing mix

You can of course link not only your videos, but also your website or blog posts on Twitter. As an online shop operator, it also makes sense to point out new products or special offers (by the way, Twitter is currently promoting the distribution of its buy button). Network all components of your web presence! This is how you lay the foundation for maximum benefit and give an authentic image to the outside world - keyword image.

You can also use Google Analytics to check how many users have reached your website via Twitter.

Good preparation is half the battle - also on Twitter

Of course, twitter is no miracle panacea. Success with Twitter is hard to come by overnight. This requires a (learning) process and the willingness to deal with the peculiarities of the microblogging platform. In addition, Twitter means real-time communication. Before you start, you should plan enough time or, if necessary, hire an external service provider - Twitter cannot be done "on the side", at least not if you want to achieve success.

Regardless of whether you already have your own channel with your company or not - simply “tweeting it off” is in the rarest of cases a good idea. Before you start, you should answer a few important questions in advance and be sure to fix them in a content strategy, for example: When do you post, how often do you post, which topics are of interest to your target group and which characteristics make up your target group? Which language hits your nerve, do automated posts make sense and above all: What do you want to achieve with Twitter and with which means or what use of resources?

Find out more and network

Would you like to find out what opportunities Twitter has in store for you or your company? Here you will find more information and you can also contact us directly there. B. for personal advice on Twitter marketing or social media marketing in general.

I am also of course happy if you join us on our Twitter channel connects with us or continues twittering this postif you liked it. By the way, we will present our channel to you in more detail here on the blog. So check back here regularly!