What is the best hotel in Miami

The Setai: The best luxury hotel in Miami

Top class luxury hotels can be found all over the world. It goes without saying that a kind of competition has developed again in this elite group: Who is the best of the best? Such a ranking can never be objective, because regional aspects also play too much a role. In Miami and the surrounding area, however, there is definitely a competition for pole position. The Setai Hotel was able to achieve this for the second time in a row.

5 stars, that stands for the best possible service, spacious and optimally equipped rooms and suites, good sports, leisure and wellness offers, a fantastic range of restaurants and an overall stylish, but at the same time homely atmosphere.

In the region, the Setai Hotel, which has existed for 15 years, has at least made it past such renowned names as Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons. For good reasons: the Art Deco building already looks extremely elegant from the outside. This impression continues inside. A tidy, somewhat Asian-looking flair awaits the guest, which is underpinned by the indoor palm garden. The spa as well as the beach and pool area have each won their own prizes, which was certainly also taken into account in the current voting.

"The Setai is an intimate oasis in the heart of the bustling city, yet accessible to all of South Beach's attractions." These are the words used to quote General Manager Alex S. Furrer. And with visible pride he adds: “It is a culmination for us to be number one in the competitive and demanding market for luxury travel in Miami by the readers of one of the most prestigious travel magazines around the world, and the hotel will become Miami's leading luxury resort -Hotel award. "

With these words, one can safely assume that the Setai Hotel can still be expected. The hotel will certainly not shy away from any comparison with its competitors in the future either. Competition stimulates business - much to the delight of hotel guests.

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