Which young adult series is the best

Young adult seriesAudience retention on Netflix

It is, of all things, a package with old tapes that brings the story of gossip, gossip and bullying off the ground in times of social media.

"Hey, this is Hannah, Hannah Baker. It's me, live and in stereo!"

Shortly after her suicide, the dead Hannah Baker reports to apparent friends and alleged enemies with disturbing messages from tape:

"Have something to nibble on and make yourself comfortable, because I will tell you the story of my life now. More precisely, why my life came to an end."

"13 Reasons Why" is a story of failed love affairs, treacherous friends and everyday terror at an American high school. #Gossip #Fail. Who knows what about whom? Who is the strongest? Who is the most beautiful?

Hannah: "Do you think I could be as pretty as Jessica Davis?" - Clay: "Jessica is pretty and all that ... but you are special." - Hannah: "Especially how disabled?" - Clay: "I said special!" - Hannah: "No point, I saw your look and, well ... Fail!"

"The Netflix makers are of course strongly commercially oriented"

Yes, there are the typical dialogues and topics of the so-called "Young Adult" genre, which is aimed at young adults between the ages of 15 and 25, explains media scientist Lars Gräßer:

"This is the age when the course is set for later life. The transition from school to work. The classic is 'Coming of age', stories of growing up, finding identity, breaking away from home, love, sex, partnership - that is in the foreground. "

Films and books in this area have been bestsellers for years, and the format has also been a tradition with series, such as "Gossip Girl" or "One Tree Hill", but the number has been increasing noticeably recently.

Netflix alone has already released two young adult in-house productions this year with "Riverdale" and now "13 Reasons Why", including titles such as "Between" and "Lovesick". "#Girlboss" starts in mid-April and "Anne" starts at the beginning of May. Media expert Gräßer sees this as a strategy:

"The Netflix creators are of course strongly commercially oriented, they don't want to lose this target group and keep using it in order to benefit from it later. With such a young target group, media use takes place a lot in the parents' household, and the costs can then be settled with this."

Studies repeatedly point out how adolescents in the media sector influence their parents' purchase and consumption decisions. The 15 to 25 year olds - all in all, a very important target group that companies are now increasingly trying to reach. Also by producing specially tailored trailers, conversations or backstage stories for the series.

As is so often the case, Netflix does not disclose figures, but it does admit to paying attention to this age group when making offers. So far, streaming services are still a second choice:

"YouTube is still dominant," says media scientist Gräßer. "YouTube is the most important moving image platform for young people between the ages of 14 and 19. Around half watch it, then Netflix comes with a third. That makes it clear that the free moving image platforms are important."

Young adult series don't have to hide

The free YouTube web series "Wishlist" has just been awarded the Grimme Prize. The competition for the young audience has a nice side effect:

In terms of quality and presentation, the young adult series do not have to hide from the highly acclaimed hits of recent years: "13 Reasons Why" works with a puzzle-like narrative technique, with flashbacks and flashbacks, "Riverdale" has an expressive mise en scene and experiments with camera and editing. Yes, the plot and characters are often stereotypes, but even that is broken over and over again in an ironic and self-referential way. Greetings from the cassette ...

Mother: "What are you listening to?" - Clay: "This is for the history class ..." - Mother: "Cassettes in the history class, of course! Can I hear it?" - Clay: "No, that's just nonsense. I'll go to my room and do my homework."