The military equipment protects the soldiers

Equipment of the Bundeswehr

The Bundeswehr needs special equipment in order to be able to carry out its mission. Whether in the air, on land or in the water - thousands of men and women work with weapons and other military equipment every day. Here you can see an overview of the systems involved.

Weapons and equipment of the Bundeswehr

Leopard, Fennec, Tiger and Co. - behind these animal names there are tons of steel, the finest electronic senses or the concentrated firepower of a helicopter gunship. The Bundeswehr owns a considerable number of large military equipment. In addition, the soldiers have personal equipment and various hand weapons at their disposal.

Weapon systems and large equipment

  • The army has, among other things, tracked, wheeled and aircraft vehicles as well as equipment for building bridges and disposing of ordnance.

  • The Air Force owns combat and transport aircraft, air defense systems, helicopters and unmanned reconnaissance systems.

  • In addition to corvettes, frigates and submarines, the Navy also has utility, mine-hunting and clearance boats and aircraft at its disposal.

  • The armed forces base organizes the replenishment and uses various unarmored and protected vehicles such as off-road vehicles, transporters, trucks, recovery vehicles, cranes and excavators.

  • In particular, the medical service has vehicles for supplying and rescuing the injured, modular medical facilities and special medical technology.

  • The organizational area cyber and information space (CIRCyber ​​and information space) has extensive technical equipment to contribute to the protection as well as to the clarification and effect in the cyber and information space.

Personal equipment and hand weapons

  • Every soldier's personal equipment includes uniform, combat helmet and boots. But also practical things like pocket knives, a tent sheet and cookware.
  • The standard weapon of the Bundeswehr is currently the G36. Every soldier is trained on the fully automatic assault rifle, as well as on the P8, a semi-automatic pistol. There are also many special hand weapons such as machine guns, sniper rifles and bazookas.

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