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Government PR Handbook

"The interplay between politics and the media is examined in detail and in a very knowledgeable manner. [...] All in all, this multi-layered manual is a useful guide for public relations workers and useful for journalists to reassure themselves." Parliament, 08/20/2007

"The consistently well-structured and attractively written articles shed light on various aspects of government PR such as actors, legal framework, campaigns, strategies, instruments and quality assurance in nine chapters and 32 articles the subject area. " ZPol - Journal for Political Science, 02/2007

"After almost two years of preparatory work, the young editors Miriam Köhler and Christian Schuster are able to present their well-thought-out work as a journeyman's piece: [...]. There are a number of refreshing ideas and observations." Public Affairs Manager, Spring 2007

"For the first time, the volume offers a well-founded theoretical and practical overview of the prerequisites and instruments of government communication. [...] A compendium, the reading of which is particularly recommended to internal and external practitioners of government communication." PR Report, 04/2007

"[...] a comprehensive and very complex work that combines theory and practical examples worth reading." Media review, 03/2007

"More than 40 authors each describe the excerpt from the topic with which they are most familiar. In this way, readers get the most important information firsthand and can at the same time gain their own opinion on the controversial facets of the topic." Therapy Online - Das Lifestylemagazin, 02/26/2007

"A well-founded reference work for practitioners and everyone who deals with this complex subject. Easier access to the sometimes difficult fare is guaranteed by each contribution having its own title page with structure, table of contents and key words