Chemistry is mandatory when preparing for JEE

Northern Tanzania Safari - Travel Preparation

a nice tour - I like it

Malaria risk: you always have to take into account

please let us advise you which prophylaxis is best for you.

Tropical Institute: there you will find current information about malaria / TseTse flies and other disease risks.

TseTse fly: The beasts are stubborn. Chemistry doesn't really help that well.

Please do not wear blue clothing - they particularly like them and even pierce through normal clothing. Autan + Fly Splatter + Skin Covering helps out in the main areas.

Sand-colored / or khaki-colored textiles are ideal. Don't forget your hat or cap. For the fresh mornings & Evenings a flees jacket would be good (Ngorongoro)

Camera / binoculars / sun cream + small medicine cabinet, packed in travel bags would be ideal (no hard case). There is very good luggage service in the lodges, you don't need to lug them around for a small tip.

I only have US dollars with me for the visa. I pay everything else in euros or in Tanzania shillings, you can change almost anywhere in the country. Paying with an EC card is also no problem in the good lodges.

All in all, it is very pleasant to travel through Tanzania

Important: if you want to enter Kenya from Tanzania, a yellow fever vaccination is mandatory! Take your vaccination certificate with you

forget something ? then just ask again

have fun planning - the Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Tarangire and Arusha are great