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Baby leggings

Baby leggings: comfortable, elastic and wonderfully warm


Have you just become a dad or mom? Then pay close attention to the selection of baby leggings. Baby clothes protect your baby from more discomfort than you think. The right baby clothing ensures that your little daughter's or little son's sleep and the daily rhythm are undisturbed.


As a new dad or mom, you should also think carefully about how the baby behaves when sleeping in bed under a quilt. Because at night your baby pushes the blanket away. Then of course you don't want his legs uncovered.


We would like to explain to you why baby leggings are the ideal baby clothes for both day and night, what baby leggings are, when you should put these clothes on for your baby and what material they should be made of.


What are baby leggings?

Baby leggings are leggings that are also available for adults, but are softer, more elastic and warmer. So wonderfully comfortable for the baby. But also nice for dads and mums, who can then quickly dress their baby.


Baby leggings are more comfortable on the legs for your little darling than baby pants. For comparison: sweatpants are also more comfortable than tight jeans for adults.


You can also put the baby leggings under other items of clothing on your baby. Ideal under a baby dress or a skirt, for example. If it gets cold in autumn or winter, you can also use the leggings as long underwear.


Are baby leggings practical?

Yes. You shouldn't underestimate the benefits and comfort of baby leggings. They are the perfect complement to your child's body temperature and wellbeing. If all of this is OK, your baby is slumbering wonderfully.


When should my child wear baby leggings?

As soon as the offspring is born. In the first few months you can get several pairs of leggings, because they are practical, very comfortable and offer a lot of freedom of movement.


What fabric should baby leggings be made of?

If you choose the right fabric for the baby leggings, your little one will get warm and dry through the day and through the night. Cotton with stretch is ideal for this. A rubber band at the waist is very useful when you put your baby on and off during the day or when you put your baby in bed.


In addition, baby leggings made of cotton are cuddly soft, which suits baby's delicate skin very much. With this fabric, your baby can kick and move freely.


Of course, you can also choose baby tights. However, it is made of thinner fabric. Baby leggings are made of a much thicker fabric. Tights have the advantage that the feet are also covered and you don't have to drag and put on baby socks.


Do you find it annoying to put your baby's socks on? Or don't you think it's so great when it kicks its way out of its socks again? Then you should choose baby tights.


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In our webshop you will find a wide variety of baby leggings: from monochrome leggings to colorful patterns. The sizes range from 50 to 86 and are suitable for both boys and girls. We have the following colors, among others: pink, light pink, pastel pink, candy pink with white dots and light blue.


You can also purchase a very practical baby kit from us. It consists of a pair of baby leggings with an elastic waist and a nice and comfortable sweater with long sleeves. The sweater is made of velor and has press studs on the shoulder so that you can easily dress your baby.


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