What are some good books on databases

The 3 best SQL books

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This book is a good choice for everyone who wants an easy-to-understand introduction and deep knowledge of the various database systems.
This book explains the most important databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or MariaDB.
It starts with the basics and beginnings, e.g. what a database is etc.
Then it starts and you will get to know the basic functions of the table. Tables are used in the database to save or change data records.
In order to fill this table with data and to change it, you will next get to know a few basic commands, such as INSERT, UPDATE, etc.
Next in the book is how you can model databases. This will become important later when you want to work out together with your customer what the database should look like.
The modeling is done at a level where you don't need SQL yet, which makes it all the easier for the customer to understand how it will be structured.
You will also learn how to optimize your models so that you don't accidentally have too much duplicate data and other mistakes that happen quickly.
Then it goes back to your tables and how you can communicate between the tables.
Later on, more and more complex topics will come up, so that at the end you will have a really very good foundation in SQL programming.