How can I deal with unexpected events

Dealing with unexpected events: the 4 golden rules

We have to be willing to accept the ephemeral, the unexpected, and the feeling of insecurity that we experience when confronted with the unknown.

Unforeseen situations force us to leave our comfort zone, where safety is like a rope that we can hold on to and remain stable. Sometimes they can hit us so hard that they leave us paralyzed and indecisive about what to do, how to deal with unforeseen events .

It's true that most of the surprises that break into our lives aren't really that important. However, in some cases they can lead to painful situations that alter our emotional balance . It is no coincidence that many of us like to be in control of situations and life in general, because that's how we feel comfortable.

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However, uncertainty is always there, as is the unexpected . Nothing is forever; We should be ready to accept the ephemeral, the unexpected, and the feeling of insecurity that we experience when faced with the unknown.

Here's how to deal with unforeseen events.

The 4 keys to dealing with unexpected events

Stop before you act

The first strategy for dealing with unforeseen events is this Avoid reacting impulsively. that is, to be advised by fear. Because of this, it is better to take a break to think and understand why we ended up in this situation.

It might not be easy, but it's worth it, especially since you avoid doing something you later regret.

The first few moments are perhaps the most difficult to tackle, but they are also crucial. That is why it is so important to stay calm and not let the impulse carry you away . The first steps must be taken with determination.

Don't forget this by taking the time to think You are giving yourself the opportunity to make better choices . Take a deep breath and count to ten: it is useful in most cases.

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'Life surprises us and forces us to go into the unknown when we don't want it, when we don't need it.'

-Paulo Coelho-

Focus on long-term goals

The next step in dealing with unforeseen events is Remember what your long term goals are . This means giving up short term thinking, which will help you prioritize your real needs. It will also serve you to distance yourself from the problem and observe it from multiple angles.

Don't worry too much about the immediate problems you encounter in trying to solve the unexpected . Focus on the positives, goals, and anything you can learn from experience.

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Maintain a positive attitude

A ... have a positive attitude This is an advantage in situations that arise between the head and neck although not all unforeseen events are harmed.

Either way, changing your approach is a matter of attitude, effort, and training. We can derive a positive reading from any situation. Sometimes what appears to us to be a problem or even a disaster can be an opportunity. This is because a negative event can instill the ambition, motivation, or tenacity that lead us to success or progress.

An example could be dismissal. Even a dramatic event like losing your job can ultimately be an opportunity to find a better job , better suited to us or that makes us happier.

You are not alone in dealing with unforeseen events

When life is at its worst, it is very easy to close in pain. It is in these moments that it must be remembered There are certainly other people who have gone through a similar or worse situation . You're not the only one with setbacks.

Talking to people who have had experiences similar to yours can make you feel understood and heard. It is also an opportunity to get to know other perspectives and strategies for dealing with the situation.

Finally, be aware that although we don't like the society of uncertainty, we visit each other from time to time. The unexpected will continue to happen. The most important thing is to work on accepting events in order to gain momentum, move forward and of course keep growing up .

The unexpected always happens

There will always be unexpected events, but if we learn to anticipate them and prepare for them, we can take advantage of what we cannot control anyway