Could Trump announce a Democratic runner-up

The Americans will elect their president on November 3, 2020. Will it be Donald Trump again? Or will Joe Biden, who prevailed in the Democratic primary, win? All news and developments at a glance:

Trump calls Biden's family criminal

Saturday, October 17th, 7:35 am: US President Donald Trump has sharply attacked his Democratic challenger Joe Biden and his family. During a campaign appearance in Florida on Friday evening (local time) Trump called Biden's family "an organized crime family". Trump referred to business relationships of Hunter Biden - the son of Joe Biden - in the Ukraine and China. Trump's verbal attack against Biden is likely to be sharper due to the increasing deficit on his challenger in the polls.

Also in an election campaign appearance in Macon, Georgia, also on Friday evening (local time), Trump called in front of "Lock them up" -calling supporters (lock you up) Joe Biden and his family should be imprisoned. "We have found out over the past few months that Joe Biden is a corrupt politician," Trump told supporters. During the 2016 election campaign, Trump had repeatedly called for his opponent Hillary Clinton to be locked up. As Secretary of State, Clinton had sent confidential e-mails through a private e-mail server. The FBI looked into the allegations but did not investigate Clinton.

Biden and Trump use their stages in front of the TV audience

Friday, October 16, 3.15 a.m .: The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has called for national action against the corona virus and the wearing of masks. With the masks another lockdown could be prevented, said Biden on Thursday evening (local time) in a question time of the broadcaster ABC with voters in Philadelphia. US President Donald Trump is a role model, said Biden. If the president didn't wear a mask or make fun of people who wear them, people would conclude that it doesn't matter.

According to Biden, he does not want to reverse all of President Donald Trump's tax breaks. Referring to tax cuts for the richest one percent, Biden said, "I'm talking about not abolishing all tax cuts." Tax increases for corporations and top earners would bring in a lot of money that could "make life easier".

Trump was holding a polling question time with voters in Miami, Florida, hosted by NBC at the same time. He reiterated his false statement that, according to the CDC, 85 percent of people who wear a mask will become infected with the virus. In fact, according to a CDC investigation, 85 percent of a group of coronavirus infected people stated in July that they had often or always worn a mask in the 14 days before. Trump defended his actions against the corona pandemic: "We are winners."

The US President did not provide any information about when he was last tested negative for the corona virus before his Covid illness. "I don't even remember it," said Trump. He is constantly being tested. The question of the last negative test result is relevant because it says in the room whether Trump was possibly still holding events when he already knew he was infected.

Actually, the candidates should be interviewed in a joint television debate. The plans for the second duel before the election on November 3 got mixed up after Trump was infected with the corona virus. Trump had refused to hold the debate online for security reasons. Biden then announced his own TV event, Trump followed suit.

Kamala Harris is going into corona quarantine as a precaution.

Thursday, October 15th, 5 p.m .: The Democratic candidate for the US vice presidency, Kamala Harris, is suspending her campaign trips for the rest of the week after two corona cases in her environment. Her team emphasized that this was just a precautionary measure. It was learned on Wednesday evening that Harris' communications chief Liz Allen and a member of a flight crew had tested positive. Harris was with them on October 8th. But all of them used N95 masks, which were also supposed to protect the wearer.

According to the US health authority CDC, Harris does not have to go into quarantine because she was not in the immediate vicinity of the infected within two days before their positive tests, it said. Nevertheless, she will refrain from traveling until the end of the week and limit herself to online events. Harris attended the hearing for US Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett held in the boardroom from her office on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Biden collects a record amount of donations

Thursday, October 15, 9:50 a.m .: Joe Biden's campaign team received a record $ 383 million in donations in September. With this, Biden breaks his own record. In the previous month, the Democratic presidential candidate raised $ 364.5 million (310 million euros).

Biden announced the record amount in a video published late Wednesday (local time) on Twitter. "I'm overwhelmed," wrote Biden in the tweet for the video. He thanked everyone "who contributed a few dollars". 203 million dollars (173 million euros) of the total came from online donors, wrote Biden's campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon on Twitter. 1.1 million people gave money to the Biden campaign team for the first time. A total of 5.5 million people supported Biden's election campaign with donations. According to O'Malley Dillon, the campaign team has a total budget of $ 432 million for the last three weeks of the campaign.

Biden's campaign team has now caught up with the financial lead of Trump's campaign team. Biden first had to break away from the field of the many democratic presidential candidates and unite democratic donors, while Trump could start directly with the election campaign and also with the collection of many donations. The Trump team has not yet published the amount of donations raised in September. In August, the president's team raised $ 210 million (€ 179 million). The sum of the donations collected by Biden always exceeded the donations to Trump's election campaign team.

The election campaign team recorded a significant increase in donations to Biden after the death of Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The TV debate with Trump also flushed donations into Biden's election campaign coffers: In one day, the Biden team received donations of 31 million dollars (26 million euros).

Trump's son Barron was infected with the virus

Wednesday, October 14th, 11:50 p.m .: Almost two weeks after her corona diagnosis, First Lady Melania Trump announced that US President Donald Trump and her son Barron had contracted the virus. The 14-year-old had shown no symptoms and has now tested negative for the corona virus again, Melania Trump said on Wednesday.

The White House initially stated that Barron Trump had tested negative for the virus after his parents were found to be infected with corona. The first lady tries to protect the privacy of her 14-year-old son. She didn't explain why she didn't make his diagnosis public earlier.

The 50-year-old looked back on her own Covid 19 disease in her message. "I was very lucky that my diagnosis came with minimal symptoms, even though they all hit me at once and it seemed like a roller coaster of symptoms in the days that followed." She has now been tested negative for the corona virus and will soon meet her obligations again.

US President Donald Trump used the mild course of the corona infection of his youngest son as the reason for school openings. "Barron tested positive. But everything was fine at Barron. He then tested negative, right? Because that's what happens: people get it and it goes away. Bring the kids back to schools, we have to bring the kids back to school Send school, "said Trump during a campaign appearance in the US state of Iowa on Wednesday. He is convinced that his 14-year-old son did not even notice that he was infected, "because they are young and their immune system is strong and they fight it off".

Trump sets his own TV question time with that of Biden

Wednesday, October 14th, 3:15 p.m .: US President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden will compete against each other with competing question time instead of their second TV debate. NBC television announced a meeting between Trump and voters on Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. local time (2:00 a.m. CEST on Friday) in Miami. Exactly for this time a similar event Biden in Philadelphia has already been agreed since last week, which will be broadcast on the ABC broadcaster.

Actually, the second candidate debate should have taken place on Thursday, also as a question time with voters. The plans got mixed up when President Trump fell ill with Covid-19. The commission announced last week that it would hold the debate online instead of bringing the candidates together in one room. Trump then canceled his participation. Biden then put his own TV event on. Trump has now apparently reacted to this.

With the announcement, there is also new information about the President's corona tests. The broadcaster announced that a PCR test had been carried out on Trump on Tuesday, which was analyzed at the National Institutes of Health research center by immunologist Anthony Fauci, among others. It was stated "with a high degree of certainty" that Trump was no longer contagious. Trump's personal physician Sean Conley had previously based this conclusion on rapid antigen tests, which are considered less reliable.

Fauci said Trump was no longer contagious. The president could therefore take part in an event on the station NBC News on Thursday without any problems, he told the station CBS.

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