What is the comfort of civilization

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comodidad confort


Something Comfort and civilization make life more bearable.
Alguna comodidad de la civilización hace la vida more tolerable.
Then enjoy that Comfort of the familiar.
Entonces disfruten de la comodidad de lo que le es familiar.
Of course they chose ... ... the one Comfort.
Por supuesto, ellos eligieron confort.
Fast, maneuverable, but not up Comfort aligned.
Rápidos, maniobrables, pero no hechos para confort.
The war is allowed to Comfort not affect.
No se debe dejar que la guerra interfiera con la comodidad.
But I can't get on now Comfort think.
All of that Comfort of a home, Mr. Cochrane.
E, you can Comfort never miss a price tag.
E, no puedes ponerle un precio a la comodidad.
So its domestic looks Comfort out.
Estas son las cosas que tiene para su comodidad.
We have everything we need Comfort like toilets.
It's about security Comfort and family.
Se trata de seguridad, de comodidad y familia.
That depends on how much Comfort one is used to.
Eso depende de a cuántas comodidades esté uno acostumbrado.
He has it all Comfort, a luxurious life.
It's a sign of Comfort to me.
All right, but I don't guarantee that Comfort.
Todo está en orden, pero no me hago responsable de la comodidad.
The car becomes a symbol for Comfort and progress.
The automóvil se ha convertido en símbolo de comodidad y progreso.
But the American Comfort is a myth.
These men do not demand either Comfort still security.
Here leave the Comfort for the audience and the technical quality, however, often much to be desired.
En este último caso, el confort del público y la calidad técnica dejan a menudo mucho que desear.
In addition, the potential additional volume of the cab is likely to increase safety and security Comfort of the driver increase.
Por otra parte, el aumento potencial del volumen de la cabina debe mejorar la seguridad y el confort del conductor.
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