How do I tighten my skin

Firm skin: These foods ensure a firm body without any exercise

There are only a few months left until the long-awaited summer and that means that the temperatures are slowly but surely rising and it is high time to work on our bikini body. In order to present ourselves in our most beautiful summer dresses and tight outfits, we naturally want beautiful and firm skin without cellulite. For those who don't feel like dragging themselves to the gym every day until the high season, we have now found a solution, because with the right diet we can not only improve our well-being, but also beautify our complexion. Here we will tell you which foods you should rely on in order to get a firm and firm body ...

These foods help us to achieve a bikini body 💕

In order to smooth dents and cellulite and to visibly tighten the skin on the abdomen, legs and buttocks, diet plays an important role in addition to exercise. While salt, sugar and fats should be avoided as far as possible, From now on, enzymatic foods should be on your menu, which activate the body's own enzymes and stimulate all processes that are important for detoxification and fat burning, detoxify the tissue and tighten the connective tissue. We have found out for you which foods should be integrated into your daily meals from now on:

1. Wild salmon

They are the undisputed superstars of anti-aging medicine: Omega-3 fatty acids from fatty wild salmon! Because they protect the cells and thus also ensure a youthful appearance. In addition to wild salmon, it is recommended to put tuna, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, herrings, trout or sea bass on the menu two to three times a week, then you will be able to see the positive effects on the skin after a short time. 😍

2. Broccoli

Green vegetables are extremely healthy and important anyway, but broccoli in particular has it all in the fight against skin aging! Because it contains not only lots of vitamin C, but also relieves minor inflammation and helps in the formation and cross-linking of collagen, which improves the quality of the skin.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are not only delicious and refreshing in the warm season, we also do a lot of good for our skin with the summer vegetables. Because the juicy treat, also known as the "anti-aging bomb", contains vitamins A, B, C and E as well as folic acid, carotene and lycopene, which has a natural anti-aging effect and thus counteracts wrinkles and cellulite from within . If you eat a lot of tomatoes, you can look forward to smooth and youthful skin for longer. 🙏

4. Walnuts

Walnuts are also an absolute insider tip when it comes to beautiful skin! The nuts prevent wrinkles with their omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins and alpha-linolenic acids and also provide our cells with plenty of moisture. The delicious nuts are particularly effective because of the sleep hormone melatonin they contain, which makes them real skin tighteners. It ensures that the skin can regenerate particularly well at night.

5. Dark berries

Whether blueberries, blueberries or elderberries - the dark, sweet fruits are one of our favorite snacks on hot days in summer, but they not only taste good, they also have numerous positive effects on our body. In this way they protect us from free radicals, provide us with the daily requirement of vitamin C, promote our digestion and improve the elasticity of our skin - in the fight against skin aging they are celebrated as miracle pills in the anti-aging sector. By the way: the darker the berries, the greater the effect!

6. Olives

They remind us of our last vacation in Greece and are great as a healthy snack in summer: olives - and of course the oil made from them - regenerate the skin both from the outside and from the inside. Because the active ingredients contained, especially the so-called hydroxytyrosol, not only fight free radicals, they also stimulate the production of collagen, they also give the skin a youthful appearance with a smooth texture.

7. Lemons

They are the perfect fruit for the summer, not only because they are super refreshing, but also for another reason: Vitamin C is an extremely important substance for the collagen production of the connective tissue. Lemons are high in vitamin C and should therefore be consumed daily. Preferably in the form of refreshing lemon water in the morning. 🍋

8. Soybeans

The active ingredients of the soybean are considered to be the secret for the wrinkle-free appearance of Asian women - even into old age. So if you eat soybeans regularly, you can delay the aging process of your skin, which is related to the falling estrogen level.

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