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Monster Hunter World: Weapons Guide - The 14 classes can do that

In this guide you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the 14 weapon classes in Monster Hunter World. The weapons all have special properties, combinations and differ greatly in how they are handled. You will also learn more about the different types of damage that weapons have.

In Monster Hunter World, the hunter's equipment is everything you have at your disposal in battle. There are no classic roles like the healer, tank or damage distributor. You always want to cause as much damage as possible with your weapons in order to defeat the monsters.

This guide includes:

  • A list of all 14 weapon classes in Monster Hunter World, with their strengths and weaknesses
  • A brief introduction to the weapon class system
  • A description of the types of damage that weapons can do

Update August 10th: This guide was originally published in February 2018 and was revised on the occasion of the PC release.

List of 14 weapon types: these are the properties, strengths and weaknesses

Now we come to the list with the 14 weapon classes. In the following you will get an overview of the different weapons. The properties, strengths and weaknesses of the weapons are discussed. There is also a recommendation as to which type of weapon is suitable for hunting which monsters.

Sword and shield: the perfect entry-level weapon for newbies

The classic combination of sword and shield is the perfect entry-level weapon for newbies. This allows players to both reach and defend. The biggest advantage, however, is that items such as potions can still be used even when the weapon is drawn.

Usually this requires putting the weapon away, the sword can be used for quick attacks and the shield blocks damage. These properties give you sword and shield more mobility, so you can better avoid the attacks of the monsters.

Advantages of sword and shield:

  • Attacks can be blocked and items can be used while blocking
  • Fast attacks and good mobility
  • Suitable as a support weapon, as items can be used with a drawn weapon

Disadvantage of sword and shield

These monsters are good to hunt with sword and shield:

Hunting tip: Due to the high mobility you can easily avoid the heavy attacks of slow monsters and defend yourself with the shield. You can also use the shield against the nimble attacks of the fast monsters

Greatsword: Slow two-handed sword, but high damage

Powerful, slow swings with massive damage compensate for the fact that the greatsword barely allows freedom of movement. Charged attacks in the best anime style cause additional damage - and this one is quite tough! The charged attack has the highest base damage in the entire game.

The greatsword is so powerful that you can use it to block attacks.

Advantages of the great sword:

  • High damage for every hit hit
  • The charged attack has the highest base damage in the game
  • Its size can block attacks
  • Long range
  • The charged attack can bring down monsters

Disadvantages of the great sword:

  • Extremely slow, dodging attacks from the monsters is difficult
  • While the charged attack is charging, the fighter is easy to attack

These monsters are good to hunt with the greatsword:

  • Great Jagras
  • Anjanath
  • Rathian

Hunting tip: The greatsword is generally particularly suitable for monsters that stay on the ground. Rathian may be a flying dragon, but she makes most of her attacks from the ground.

Double blades: Extremely fast attacks with strong combos

Lots of quick attacks and high mobility characterize the light double blades. If the hunter switches to demon mode, he lets down a whole storm of attacks on the monster while you nimbly dance around the creature.

The demon mode amplifies all the properties of the double blades many times over, but it also costs a lot of stamina. In addition, you always have to stay close to the monster, as they have little range.

The double blades have a low base damage, but compensate for this with their quick attacks.

Advantages of the double blades:

  • Demon mode brings highly effective combos with high damage. Outside of Demon Mode, the combos are pretty strong too
  • Element damage and abnormal status traits such as poison are common with the double blades

Disadvantages of the double blades:

  • Small range
  • Cannot block attacks
  • Endurance drops quickly
  • Wear out quickly and often need a whetstone

These monsters are good to hunt with the double blades:

Hunting tip: The high mobility of the double blades should be fully exploited when hunting. Tries to land quick attacks on the monsters' head, legs and tail and then swiftly backs away.

Long Sword: Gives buffs and has many combos

Despite its length, the weapon is relatively fast and can perform a variety of long combos. The blade can even temporarily increase the wearer's attack power to further increase the damage. In addition, the long sword has a high degree of mobility. The improvements from buffs are also known as the Elan Blade, which gives the sword its true power.

Without the combos, however, the damage to the long sword is rather low. The combinations have to be used skillfully and, above all, the elan blade has to be mastered.

Advantages of the long sword:

  • A good balance between damage, mobility, and speed
  • A decent range
  • Elanblade can become stronger and stronger in the course of the fight, with effective use of the buffs

Disadvantages of the long sword:

  • Cannot block attacks
  • The attacks are imprecise and dissolute

These monsters are good to hunt with the long sword:

  • Great Jagras
  • Anjanath
  • Rathian
  • Tobi-Kadachi

Hunting Tips:Most monsters can be hunted well with a long sword, as it has a correspondingly long range. Monsters that fly like the Rathian can also be brought down with the long sword.

Lance: Great, long-range defensive weapon

The lance is a great defensive weapon whose shock attacks can be carried out without opening cover for a long time. Both high and low attacks can be performed with the lance. This allows the lance to get close to the monsters' weak points or to easily break through their defenses.

The shield consumes stamina when you use it. You can still move with the equipped shield. This gives you the opportunity to move towards the monster while it attacks. The basic combination of the lance should be used with care, as you are highly vulnerable if the attack fails.

Advantages of the lance:

  • Strong defense options
  • Can quickly counter attacks by monsters
  • Adequate attack power and long range for close combat

Disadvantage of the lance:

  • Slow movements that make it difficult to evade. The sign must be used.

These monsters are good to hunt with a lance:

  • Great Jagras
  • Anjanath
  • Rathian
  • Rathalos
  • Tobi-Kadachi

Hunting Tips:The lance is great for defending against most monsters, through the shield. Due to the mobile attacks, monsters can also be brought out of the sky with her. Once the animals are on the ground, a few quick attacks can be made.

Gunlance: Lance with powerful missile attacks

The rifle lance is an offensive weapon that is similar to the lance, but also has powerful projectile attacks. The projectiles make it easy to keep opponents at a distance.

However, reloading the projectiles takes time, which gives the monster the opportunity to attack. You must also keep an eye on the temperature of the rifle lance as this weapon can overheat if too many shots are fired.

The rifle lance requires more planning and foresight in its use than the ordinary lance. The attack power is a lot stronger over the projectiles than with the lance. The same rules apply to the shield as to the lance.

Advantages of the gun lance:

  • Long range and mobility
  • Projectiles are great for hitting the monsters' special weak spots

Disadvantages of the gun lance:

  • Slow movement that makes it difficult to evade - as with the lance
  • Quickly becomes dull when using the projectiles. So it has to be sanded often

The monsters are good to hunt with the gun lance:

  • Great Jagras
  • Anjanath
  • Rathian
  • Radobaan

Hunting tip: The gun lance can be used flexibly, which makes it effective against many monsters. The shield protects against heavy attacks and the projectiles can sever parts of monsters with their force.

Morph ax: Switches between sword and ax

The morph ax can switch between its ax mode and sword mode. The ax mode is strong and has a long range, the sword mode fast and with explosive death blows.

  • The Ax mode is strong and has a long range. In this mode the Morph-Axht is a heavy two-handed sword, which restricts your movement.
  • The Sword mode is fast and can deliver explosive fatal blows. If you use the sword mode for too long, the morph ax loses more and more attack power.

The morph ax is most effective when you switch back and forth between the two modes. It is one of the most difficult weapons in the game, because the transition between ax and sword requires planning and you should know the weapon well. The change between the weapon types ideally takes place when you have completed your station wagons.

Advantages of the morph ax:

  • Has many combos with which a chain reaction can be triggered
  • Flexible use thanks to the morph function
  • As an ax, it has a long range and mobility
  • As a sword, it has high damage
  • Buffs and bonus effects can be added through vials

Disadvantages of the morph ax:

  • Requires a lot of planning and knowledge to be useful
  • Offers no protection
  • Low mobility in sword mode

These monsters are good to hunt with the morph ax:

  • Great Jagras
  • Anjanath
  • Rahtalos
  • Tobi-Kadachi

Hunting tip: The morph ax is suitable for hunting all monsters thanks to its high flexibility. With the ax shape you have a long range and can stay at a distance. In the form of a sword you have the opportunity to move the animals properly on the skin, if necessary.

Energy Blade: An evolution of sword and shield

The energy blade easily switches between its mobile “sword & shield” mode and the powerful ax mode.Energy absorbed by the Sword & Shield can be unleashed with the ax, dealing additional damage.

The energy blade could be viewed as an evolution of sword and shield. You usually start your attacks with sword and shield, because in this form you collect special energy when attacking. An energy bar shows when the weapon is fully charged. Ideally, when you are fully charged, you should switch to ax mode and let them patter down on the monsters.

Advantages of the energy blade:

  • Allows flexible use
  • the ax shape can deal extremely high damage
  • Bottles can be used to buff both forms

Disadvantages of the energy blade:

  • If combos and the complex move set are used incorrectly, it can cost a lot in combat

These monsters are good to hunt with the energy blade:

  • Great Jagras
  • Anjanath
  • Radobaan

Hunting Tips: The energy blade is particularly suitable for monsters who are less mobile. In addition, flying monsters pose a problem for the energy blade. With the powerful attacks of the ax, you should try to hit the head of the big monsters. This can cause paralysis.

Hammer: Big and cumbersome, but absolutely destructive

The hammer is big, powerful and cumbersome. The blows are slow, but they have a force in them, thestun even the largest creatures for a while can if it gets the head off. The hammer also has a powerful charge attack.

Monsters cannot repel the hammer's attacks when it is charged. It only takes a few of the charged attacks to scare monsters. But the hammer only has a short range, is slow and your hunter will also move slowly. The attacks of the hammer also cost a lot of stamina.

The loaded attacks should only be used if you can land a sure hit.

Advantages of the hammer:

  • Deals heavy and hard hits with a high base damage
  • The high base damage can even be increased by charged attacks
  • The hammer's blunt attacks can paralyze monsters more easily
  • Despite its clumsiness, the hammer is still very mobile

Disadvantages of the hammer:

  • Heavy due to its weight, which makes timing attacks difficult
  • Low range

These monsters are good to hunt with a hammer:

  • Great Jagras
  • Anjanath
  • Rathian

Hunting Tips: The hammer is well suited for monsters who linger in one place for a long time. This allows you to better charge your attacks and carry out the violent attacks. Should you be traveling alone, equip your Palico with a good weapon. Then the cat can draw attention while you pound the monster.

Jagdhorn: The best support weapon in the game for Coop

The hunting horn is a blunt weapon with a long range. When music is played, the whole group of hunters benefits from status buffs.

As a weapon, the hunting horn plays similarly to the hammer, only that it has a longer range and more speed. The hunting horn also does less damage than the hammer. This weapon is more suitable for the coop.

However, the hunting horn is complicated to learn as each buff has its own song. So you will have to learn many combinations in order to be able to use the hunting horn useful. But if you can do it, you can have a huge impact on the fight and the group will love you. In addition, the horn can still deal quite a lot of damage if the attacks are in place.

Advantages of the hunting horn:

  • Attacks create notes that result in songs. The songs give the hunting party different buffs like more damage
  • Although it is a support weapon, the hunting horn still does quite a lot of damage
  • Has blunt attacks, making paralyzed enemies easier to paralyze

Disadvantages of the hunting horn:

  • Sluggish, which makes attacks slow
  • Complex weapon that is difficult to learn

These monsters are good to hunt with the hunting horn:

  • Great Jagras
  • Rathian
  • Rabodaan

Hunting Tips: If you want to play the hunting horn alone, you should look for slow monsters. The Horn's attacks are slow and do slightly less damage than most weapons. Weaker monsters are not a problem for the hunting horn.

Insect glaive: turns monsters into trampolines and comes with pets

The insect glaive is a versatile weapon that you can use to catapult yourself and make jump attacks at any time. As with the pole vault, the hunter can use it to throw himself into the air and strike from all directions.

It can take a while to master the jump attacks - but when that happens, you will hardly be on the ground and can hop around like a berserk on the monster, untouchable.

Monster Hunter World Guide: Everything About Insect Glaive

With the insect glaive you also control a kinsect, a small insect that collects extracts from monsters. The kinsect converts the extracts into buffs. Which buff you get depends on the position of the monster you shoot the kinsect at. Kinsects can be managed and further developed in the forge. For example, the kinsects can bring additional healing or paralyze monsters with appropriate upgrades.

The base damage of the insect glaive is slightly lower, but it is fast and probably the most mobile weapon in the game.

Advantages of the insect glaive

  • Can attack from all directions
  • Great for getting on monsters
  • Rapid attacks
  • Has speedy station wagons
  • Kinsect gives strong buffs that can make up for the low base damage

Disadvantages of the insect glaucoma:

  • Cannot block attacks. Dodging by rolling and jumping are the only ways to ward off damage
  • The high mobility comes at the expense of endurance
  • Low base damage
  • Difficult to learn

These monsters are good to hunt with the insect glaucoma:

  • Great Jagras
  • Anjanath
  • Radobaan
  • Tobi-Kadachi
  • Rathalos

Hunting Tips:The insect glaucoma can be used against almost any monster due to its high mobility.It is a particularly good counterattack against highly mobile monsters like the Tobi-Kadachi.

Bow: Arrows can be coated and trigger status effects

The bow has different types of shots that you can charge for more attack power. By coating the arrows with one of numerous vials, you can apply abnormal statuses such as poison or paralysis to the targets.

The bow is a traditional weapon, but it can be used in many ways in Monster Hunter World. It gives you a large arsenal of different debuffs and status effects that negatively affect monsters.

You cannot block any damage with the bow and therefore always want to keep your distance from the monsters. For this you can shoot the arrows at high speed and in different formations.

Advantages of the bow:

  • Infinite arrows
  • Good choice for medium and long distances
  • Lots of coatings that can be used for the arrows. The coatings that can be used depend on the sheet
  • Good for targeting weak spots on monsters

Disadvantages of the arch:

  • No option to block
  • The bow's melee option is mediocre

These monsters are good to hunt with the bow:

Tips for hunting: Always tries to stay at a distance from the monsters and uses the variety of damage types that the bow allows.

Light bow rifle: high rate of fire with high mobility and status effects

The light bow rifle allows greater mobility and evasion options as well as a relatively high rate of fire. With it you can support the team very well, especially through the use of ammunition with abnormal status properties like poison. However, the disadvantages include the strong recoil as well as a low ammunition capacity.

The attacks of the light bow rifle can be loaded, which intensifies the attacks.However, the charge attacks lower stamina quite quickly. Some armor cannot be worn while the light bow rifle is equipped.

You can change the properties of a bow rifle in the forge by having it rebuilt.

Advantages of the light bow rifle:

  • High rate of fire with a decent range
  • Ammunition can trigger status effects and element damage
  • High mobility
  • Good support weapon

Disadvantages of the bow rifle

  • Little damage
  • Small magazine
  • No way to block attacks

These monsters are good to hunt with the light bow rifle:

  • Great Jagras
  • Anjanath
  • Radobaan
  • Tobi-Kadachi

Tips for hunting: The light bow rifle is so agile that the hunter can keep moving. You can fire rapid, quick shots at the monster and quickly crumble to reload.

Heavy bow rifle: devastating damage with different types of ammunition

A heavy bow rifle can use more powerful ammunition than the light bow rifle. The hunter's mobility is significantly more limited, thanks in part to the longer reload times, but it benefits from the reduced recoil and higher ammunition capacity.

The properties of a bow rifle can be changed in the forge by rebuilding it.

The ammunition of the bow rifle cannot be given any coatings that would provide status effects. The heavy bow rifle has different types of ammunition that can cause enormous damage. However, they also require a certain amount of micro-management in the middle of a battle. The different ammunition should be used against different monsters, so you have to reload and change more often.

The heavy bow rifle is slow in aiming. You always want to keep a certain distance to the enemy with this weapon. But you have to be careful here, because if you are too close or too far away from the monster, the damage will decrease constantly.

Advantages of the heavy bow rifle:

  • High damage and long range
  • Big magazine
  • A shield can be equipped
  • Many different weapon accessories and types of ammunition

Disadvantages of the heavy bow rifle:

  • Low rate of fire
  • Low mobility and slow aiming
  • Must always be fed with ammunition

Are there only 14 weapons in Monster Hunter World?

No. The 14 weapons are categories that should be viewed as different classes. These all have different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

You can also upgrade each of these classes to make new weapons of their own, thanks to the raw materials you collect and which weapon you use the forge to manufacture.

A variety of weapons can be found in the weapon tree

If you collect enough bones, you will soon be able to produce all 14 weapons in their bone variation and expand this type in the weapon tree. The same goes for scales, teeth, wings, fur, tails and whatever else you can separate from the monsters. Raw materials such as metals can also be part of a new weapon.

Within these weapon categories, a distinction is made between close-range and long-range combat. Melee and ranged weapons have different bonuses when it comes to defense. Melee weapons are called Blademaster weapons and ranged weapons are called Rifleman weapons.

The 11 melee weapons give bonuses against physical damage

Melee weapons, as a weapon-type bonus, reduce the physical damage you take. Melee weapons let you get up close and personal with even the biggest monsters and use a variety of attacks and techniques.

If you repeatedly attack with a melee weapon, this reduces its sharpness. The lower the sharpness of a weapon, the more often its attacks will be repulsed and useless. You can restore weapon sharpness by using a whetstone from your inventory. A tip at this point: You can even improve your weapon sharpness with decorations and skills.

Melee weapons include:

  • Greatsword
  • Long sword
  • Sword & shield
  • Double blades
  • hammer
  • Hunting horn
  • lance
  • Gun lance
  • Morph ax
  • Energy blade
  • Insect glaucoma

The 3 ranged weapons give bonuses against element damage

Blademaster weapons belong to ranged combat and, as a weapon-type bonus, reduce the element damage you take. Ranged weapons allow you to keep a certain distance from monsters while attacking them with ammunition, which has a wide variety of properties and effects.

Bow rifles have to be reloaded occasionally, putting their users in danger. Bows do not have to be reloaded, they use stamina with every shot.

Ranged weapons include:

  • Light bow rifle
  • Heavy bow rifle
  • arc

The 3 attack types of weapons explained: severing, stump and projectile

Weapon attacks are categorized in three ways: severing, blunt, and projectile. They differ in their effectiveness depending on the monster and monster part.

Severing attacks:

You can sever the tails of certain monsters by dealing enough damage to them with severing attacks. Severing attacks include those with weapons that have blades and thrust attacks with lances.

Blunt attacks

Blunt attacks decrease a monster's staminawhich makes it exhausted faster. If you do enough damage to the head, the monster will be stunned for a short time. Blunt attacks include attacks with a hammer and blows with a shield.

Projectile attacks

Projectile attacks include shots from bow guns as well as arrows from bows. However, certain types of ammunition cause severing or blunt damage.

Weapons can cause element damage