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Appeals and campaigns

Federal Council opinions


Important studies and contributions

  • Opinion on the popular initiative "Swiss law instead of foreign judges (self-determination initiative)"
    Jusletter February 20, 2017 (pdf, 18 pages)
    The authors of this article, all members of the Department of Constitutional, Administrative and International Law of the Faculty of Law at the University of Zurich, point out the contradictions and the possible consequences of the self-determination initiative.
  • Swiss law violates international law?
    Study by the SKMR by Walter Kälin, Stefan Schlegel, April 2014 (pdf, 53 pages)
    The study deals with the question of what consequences it would have for the relationship between Switzerland and the Council of Europe if Switzerland were no longer able to implement the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in certain case constellations.
  • License to breach contract? - A clarification on the rank of international law
    Guest contribution by Stefan Schlegel on humanrights.ch from October 28, 2013
    This article deals with the erroneous assumption that Switzerland can hierarchically place national law above international law, as it sees fit.

Selected items

  • "The self-determination initiative is undemocratic"
    Interview with Martin Dumermuth, Director of the Federal Office of Justice, NZZ from 19.09.2018
  • On the anniversary of modern democracy
    Open letter from the Advisory Board of Schutz Faktor M dated September 12, 2018 (no longer available online)
  • The SVP presents itself as the savior of the fatherland
    Article by Andrea Huber, Protection Factor M, from June 2018
  • "Human rights have lost a lot of their esteem in recent years"
    Conversation with Stefan Trechsel, former member of the European Human Rights Commission (no longer available online)
  • Anti-human rights initiative: Dangerous signal to injustice states
    Amnesty International on May 25, 2018
  • The advocates of the self-determination initiative and their view of Germany: shortened, wrong and misleading
    Helen Keller and Laura Zimmermann, plea 3/18 (pdf, 4 pages)
  • The SVP's self-determination initiative is directed against the Federal Supreme Court
    Kathrin Alder, NZZ from March 8, 2018
  • Democracy and international cooperation. The deeper problem behind the "self-determination initiative"
    Oliver Diggelmann, in: History of the Present, March 2018
  • Popular initiative "Swiss law instead of foreign judges (self-determination initiative)"
    Article by Niccolò Raselli, former federal judge, from October 2017 (pdf, 3 pages)
  • Foreign judges: SVP initiative brings more legal uncertainty
    NZZ from April 6, 2017
  • Dismantling by Zurich professors
    Daily Gazette from 02/23/2017
  • "The initiative puts us in line with North Korea"
    Interview with Prof. Matthias Mahlmann on blick.ch
  • SVP aims to protect human rights
    Guest column by Ulrich E. Gut on the homepage of the Swiss Society for Foreign Policy