How do I create a landscape


NOCH Geländebau - for the landscape of your dreams

The landscape is at the same time the heart and face of a model railway layout - and the construction of the terrain is therefore one of the most beautiful, most important and most demanding tasks in layout design. Regardless of whether you want to creatively implement your own ideas or want to recreate an original landscape true to life: What you need is not just imagination, leisure and a little dexterity, but above all the right handicraft material. In the NOCH range you will find everything a hobbyist's heart desires. We recommend our magazine “Model Landscaping Today”, our Model Landscaping Guide “St. Barbara «or the DVD guide» St. Peter «, which you can find in our online shop.

Do-it-yourself terrain - step by step

  1. Landscaping substructure
    The substructure is the scaffolding that will later support the landscape. For the design of smaller parts of the landscape, we recommend the self-supporting NOCH terrain wire paper or the terrain aluminum mesh. The TERRA-FORM system is particularly suitable for larger projects.
  2. Terrain blank
    In the second step, the finished landscape substructure is covered. Ideally with the NOCH terrain crepe, which is very stable on the one hand and slightly stretchable on the other. Alternatively, the modeling plaster fabric is also an option. If you have worked with the NOCH terrain wire paper in the first step, you do not need any further material. You can design your landscape directly on our terrain wire paper.
  3. Terrain structure
    In the third step, your rough terrain becomes a model landscape. Many products are available for this from the extensive NOCH range. With the NOCH water articles and the lake foil you can design streams and lakes. The NOCH rock filler with its rocky-grainy structure is particularly suitable for creating rock sections. STILL landscape construction paints are ideal for priming the substrate before flocking or for coloring rocks.
  4. Shape
    Design your system to your heart's content. You will do this particularly well with the NOCH decorative materials for grasses, meadows, bushes and trees. Houses, model train figures and decoration details in the form of animals such as horses, cows, deer, deer and much more, impressively round off every scene on your model train layout or your diorama.
Set item NOCH set item - practical and inexpensive.
Rocks & rock walls The supreme discipline of rock construction: With NOCH you can achieve the perfect result quickly and easily!
Streets & Paths Whether street crepe, foil or structure-matched ... you are always on the right track!
Waters Whether lake, stream, river or the sea - water attracts everyone's attention!
Paints & Patina Priming, tinting, highlighting and wiping - landscaping paints from NOCH!
Adhesives The NOCH adhesives for all cases! Glues that hold tightly together.