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Cloudera plans to support existing products until 2022

After the formal conclusion of the merger of Cloudera and Hortonworks, those responsible will concretize the new product strategy of the combined company. Cloudera customers receive the assurance that they will receive support for the current product lines of CDH 5.x and 6.x (Clouderas Distribution of Hadoop) and HDP 3.x (Hortonworks Data Platform) until at least January 2022. Support for HDP 2.x, however, ends earlier - a specific date is pending. However, on the way to the announced comprehensive enterprise data cloud, the various products are expected to grow together.

In the first step, the Cloudera strategists around Arun Murthy, Chief Product Officer, are planning a new version of the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), which combines important components of HDP 3.x and CDH 6. As a kind of transitional offer, it is intended to help customers continue with their existing data and workloads. In addition, Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF) is to be integrated into CDH, so that CDH users can also directly use the platform for data flows to work with stream processing engines such as Kafka Streams, Spark Structured Streaming and Streaming Analytics Manager (SAM) for Storm can. HDP users could also gain access to the development environment for machine learning and AI as part of an integration with the Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW).

CDP as the basis for the enterprise data cloud

In the longer term, CDP is to be expanded into the new basis for the Enterprise Data Cloud and will then also be available to customers for new, expanded areas of application. Cloudera wants to provide IoT streaming applications, data engineering, cloud-native data warehousing as well as AI and ML applications across platforms, i.e. both on-premises and in hybrid architectures up to multi-cloud deployments. Corporate customers would then also have the freedom to use any public clouds from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM or Oracle and even to combine them. According to Murthy, CDP should also guarantee secure data management and governance so that customers can easily migrate between different cloud environments. (map)

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