What is Sujok Therapy

S u - J o k & F e n g S h u i

The hand and foot acupuncture and acupressure uses the self-healing powers of the organism and thereby improves the overall condition and well-being. Every organ and joint can be treated with the Su-Jok method.

The treatment enables healing and prophylactic effects.

Every organ and joint can be treated with the Sujok method.

In addition to the treatment, I also offer training that combines the basics with practical application tips. The program includes three subject areas, each of which is dealt with in two hours. The stimulation of acupuncture points is one of the oldest and most popular healing methods in the world. The treatment enables healing and prophylactic effects.

Surely you have some questions about Su-Jok treatments. Below are answers to frequently asked questions:

Su-Jok (literally translated: hand-foot) is a therapy of the 21st century and represents a synthesis of knowledge from classical Western and ancient Far Eastern medicine.

It is an acupuncture method in which a healing and prophylactic effect is achieved by stimulating the acupuncture points.
These points are arranged in a fixed pattern on the hands and feet, which is a scaled-down form of the anatomical nature of the human body.
So you can say that the points work like a remote control for the well-being and health of people.
The Yin and Yang, the 5 elements teaching, the teaching of the 5 phases of change and the meridians teaching are taken into account in Su-Jok therapies as well as in Chinese medicine. The emotional and mental state of the patient is included in the treatment (i.e. 7 chi energies, 7 emotions, 7 mental states).
Su-Jok acupuncture combines two systems on the informative-energetic level: the energy supply system of the organism (meridians & chakras) and the so-called holographic system of the body. In Su-Jok one differentiates between three systems:
The main projection system, the insect projection system and the mini projection system.

The following therapies are used either individually or in individually adapted combinations:

• acupuncture
• acupressure
• Magnet therapy
• Light therapy
• Foot reflex treatment

These are just a few of the many advantages of the Su-Jok method:

• Rapid pain relief
• No medication
• No hormonal drugs
• High effectiveness
• Establishing the cause of an energetic imbalance
• Creation of harmony in the body
• No negative side effects.

Chronic and complex diseases often lead to mental and emotional disorders that cannot be treated on the body level alone. In Su-Jok acupuncture it is possible to switch between the different levels of the meridians and thus achieve a deep effect on emotions and mind. Thanks to the great effect and the simplicity of this method, this therapy quickly spread and established itself in many countries.

Everyone reacts differently to the treatments in terms of strength and speed.
In the case of acute illnesses, immediate, significant improvement can often be achieved, even after one session.
In the case of chronic diseases, several (several) body systems (e.g. hormonal system, nervous system, cardiovascular system) are usually involved.
Therefore, more time is required for an effective result. The first results of a treatment are often achieved after the first two to four sessions.
There are seldom patients for whom acupuncture treatment has no effect.

An improvement in the condition is usually achieved during the first treatment. Acute illnesses such as lumbago, sore throat etc. can often be treated in 1 - 5 sessions. Chronic illnesses such as long-standing migraines usually require up to 12 sessions in order to achieve permanent improvement.

For the result to be successful, the subsequent treatment should be carried out every or every other day, but at least twice a week.
The number of treatments is individually tailored to the patient by the therapist. The condition of the complaint and improvement progress play an important role. Both factors are checked at each session and treatment is adjusted accordingly.

Every part of the body and every organ can be treated with the help of Su-Jok. Some complaints for which particularly good and quick results have been observed are e.g .:

• Pain (head, arm, leg, foot, hand, neck, back, ...)
• Polyarthritis, arthrosis
• Sciatica (lumbago)
• Skin diseases (neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, ...)
• allergies
• asthma
• Women's problems (menstrual cycle problems, mastopathy)
• Kidney stones
• Enyresis
• prostatitis
• diabetes
• eye problems (decreased eyesight)

S.Ind child treatments possible?

As a rule, therapies that are gentler than acupuncture are used for children, such as light treatment, seed therapy or magnet therapy.
Reimbursement of costs for acupuncture treatment Statutory health insurance companies partially cover the costs of pain therapy.
Private health insurance companies usually cover the acupuncture costs for pain therapy.
It is advisable to contact your health insurance company in advance to clarify whether the costs will be covered.
Treatment costs Treatment costs for systemic (mostly chronic) diseases vary greatly depending on the time required and the complexity of the treatment.
A general statement about this would therefore be unrealistic. Please speak to your therapist about this.

Please prepare for the first appointment. Make a list of what you would like to tell the therapist.
Collect diagnoses, prescriptions, ultrasound / x-rays, laboratory results, etc. This can often save unnecessary costs and time, as the therapist can get a picture of your health more quickly.
Other medical services are charged according to the non-medical practitioner fee schedule.

In addition to the Su-Jok treatment, I also offer a training course in which the basics are combined with practical application tips. The program includes three subject areas, each of which is dealt with in two hours.