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Hans & Franz
Lotion for naturally beautiful breasts and a smoother cleavage

20.07.2020 – 11:06

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Aachen (ots)

Breasts are always seen as a central point in the art of seduction.

To feel more attractive and confident, many women undergo surgery.

Biotulin has succeeded in developing a combination of active ingredients that provides a visible lifting effect within a very short time and makes the breast appear firmer. Hans & Franz is the cosmetic solution for increasing the volume of the breast and for tightening the tissue, without any surgical intervention.

At the same time, Hans & Franz cares for the skin and supplies it with sufficient moisture.

An independent effectiveness study has shown that after just 27 days of use, 75 percent of the test subjects noticed a significant visible effect. After 56 days of use, it was even 100 percent.

But what exactly is the secret of Hans & Franz? It is the combination of amino acid, which is obtained from plant starch through biotechnology, and Spilanthol, a plant-based local anesthetic.

This combination of active ingredients, unique in the world, makes Hans & Franz an innovative cosmetic product.

The Hans & Franz lotion is the product for more beautiful breasts, elastic skin and a smoother cleavage.

It goes without saying that Hans & Franz is 100 percent hormone-free and free of microplastics.

You can find more information at: www.biotulin.de

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