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Every year up to 1 Reimburse € million for R&D from the tax office

The Research Allowance Act (FZulG) was initiated by the BMBF, and aims to promote Germany as an innovation location.

With tax research grants you can 25% Your R&D personnel expenses promote and refund.

Innoscripta already has over 1 Billion euros in funding mediates and can fall back on many years of experience in cooperation with state institutions.

More than 2.000 Industrial partner entrust us with your research projects. Become part of our network too!

Over € 1.1 billion for 2,000 partners

Our product manager will explain how it works

For whom is tax research funding interesting?

The research allowance can be applied for by all companies that are based in Germany, are taxable here and conduct research and development

For all managing directors who want to increase their competitiveness in the long term and at the same time want a manageable investment risk

Applying for the research allowance is worthwhile from an annual research volume of € 40,000

Applications can also be submitted retrospectively for the previous financial year

Receive your allowance in just a few steps


Preparation and project planning

The first step is to define and plan your project to be funded and to write down the desired research content. When choosing your research content, you have a lot of leeway compared to other funding programs; you only need to be able to assign it to one of the categories "basic research", "industrial research" or "experimental development". The term "industrial research" in particular is flexible, which means that incremental, less radical projects, contrary to the expectations of many companies, can also be subsidized.

We support you in the identification and definition of your R&D projects with our wealth of experience from over 2,000 publicly funded projects and more than 100,000 completed work packages. In our fully digitized software platform IMS (innovation management system) you can enter your projects online so that we can revise them together and automatically check for eligibility.


Documentation and time recording

As soon as the application has been approved by the third-party funding agency, you are assured that your project will be funded. However, so that you can also access these, your activities over the financial year must be precisely documented. The decisive factor is that the progress of each activity is stored in a comprehensible manner and that personnel hours are recorded and assigned accordingly. As a basis for assessment, each booked staff hour is later billed at 25% and each assigned effort for contract research is billed at 15%.

In order not to get bogged down in the project documentation, our IMS platform offers you fully digitized work recording and project monitoring based directly on the GoBD. In this way, we guarantee you legal security at all times, while you can fully focus on processing and adhering to your schedule. Each of your employees is provided with individual access to our time tracking app for smartphones, which automatically records the working time, assigns it to the current work package of your employees, and stores the effort in the correct format.


Filing, archiving, and auditing

With the approval notification from the third-party funding agency, you were assured of your allowance, you have researched diligently over the year and meticulously documented your progress and working hours. At the end of the financial year it is now time to prepare your transcripts and submit them to the tax office with your tax return. With the submission you have taken the second and last step to receive your allowance. It now remains to be seen the amount of the grant approved by the tax office. Depending on the course of your project, the tax office may want to understand the use and results of the grants in a tax audit. It is therefore very important that all documents and results are archived in full and in accordance with the principle of traceability.

In order to meet the numerous conditions for a successful research allowance, IMS was specially developed as a 360 ° solution. The design and structure take up the requirements of government-funded research projects from the project planning phase, through planning, documentation and archiving, completely digitally in one platform. In this way, you have the status of your research at a glance, correctly documented, and are legally secured from the tax office from the outset.

25% Reimbursement of your R&D personnel expenses

Elaborated planning and application process based on our many years of experience

Fully automated documentation and billing of your research activities through our IMS online platform and mobile app

Standardized and GoBD-compliant archiving of your projects for a potential tax audit

Protection to ensure that your project is customary by comparison with our exclusive database 100.000 Work packages from past projects

All-round success-based advice - you only pay as soon as you receive the allowance

Let us advise you free of charge!

We will determine with you in a non-binding appointment whether we are a good match

Frederik Erber

product manager

Frederik Erber

product manager

I am not sure if my research activities are eligible

In general, all expenditures from basic research, industrial research and experimental development are eligible. You can also 60% also have contract research funded.

If you already have a summary of your research project, you can have the content checked here directly by our AI for eligibility:

Paste or type text in the box

I don't have that much research volume. Does it even make sense for me to submit an application?

In general, we recommend that you reduce your personnel costs in R&D at least annually 40.000 € should include. From then on, submitting an application with us makes sense in any case, as you can expect positive returns guaranteed.

When do I have to apply for the allowance and for how long does it apply?

The allowance is paid out as part of your tax refund, so an application is required before submitting the tax return. The research allowance can therefore also be reimbursed retrospectively for the last financial year if you have not yet submitted your tax return and documented your research activities.

Applying for state funding projects and public grants is too time-consuming for me

The research grant is about real cash flows that are brought to you. In just a few steps you can quickly reach six-figure amounts. It is also worth spending a little time on this.

I don't want to share my sensitive research content and reveal my IP

Meanwhile trust us more than 2.000 Industry partner in the preparation and funding of your research projects. We attach great importance to data security and guarantee the highest standards in our security protocols.

Can I also receive the research allowance if my company is currently in business difficulties (e.g. due to COVID-19?)?

In general, the research allowance is only granted to companies that can demonstrate a healthy business model and a stable financial basis. Accordingly, companies that find themselves in difficulties according to Art. 1 Section. 4 Letter c and Art. 2 No. 18 AGVO are excluded from the subsidy. For example, this may be the case if you are over 50%Have lost your share capital or your own funds, are in bankruptcy proceedings or have received rescue aid.
However, there is an exception for companies that COVID-19 verifiably only from 31.12.2019 got into trouble. These are therefore still eligible for funding.

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Innoscripta was founded in 2012 with the vision of networking Germany's unique medium-sized businesses and the internationally renowned university landscape.

Over the past few years we have grown to become the market leader in technology transfer in Germany as a funding specialist for research and development services.

As No. 1 in the field of technical innovation consulting, more than 2,000 medium-sized companies and 12,000 scientists now belong to our network and entrust us with the research and development of your future.

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