How do crispy pancakes taste

Basic pancake recipe - deliciously crispy and nice and thin

Almost everyone loves pancakes. Refined with jam, the sweet egg biscuits taste very good, especially for children. Pancakes also make a delicious lunch when they are spicy with cheese or salami.

Recipe for 5 thin pancakes

120 g flour (sifted, otherwise small lumps will appear)
240 ml milk (if you like it low in calories, you can replace part of the milk with water, this also makes the dough even more crispy!)
3 eggs
15 g of sugar
1 pinch of salt
Approx. 5 tbsp vegetable, tasteless oil

All jams are suitable for the filling, as well as various types of cheese for the spicy variant. Here you can really let your imagination run wild according to your own taste. I particularly like the version with mushrooms, Gouda cheese and lots of pepper.

Pancake preparation

Beat all the ingredients properly with a whisk, there is really no need to use an electric mixer. Then let the dough rest for 5 minutes so that all ingredients can combine properly. During this time you can prepare the pan.

Moisten a large Teflon pan with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (e.g. sunflower oil) and let the oil get hot. Not too hot, otherwise everything will burn immediately. This amount of oil is usually enough for the first two pancakes. The dough should never float in the oil!

Now use a soup ladle to put a large blob of batter in the middle of the hot pan, but just enough so that only half of the pan is full of batter. Now wait briefly and when the dough holds (approx. 5 seconds) swivel the pan in a large circular motion so that the still liquid area is distributed around the already firm center. This is how thin pancakes are made. After about 1.5 minutes, the pancake can be easily turned with a spatula. The dough usually doesn't crack. If it tears, it was too thin or was turned too early. You have to try something here until you hit the right time. The other side is now baked for 1.5 minutes. If the dough becomes too dark, the heat should be reduced.

Sweet or savory?

There are endless possibilities for filling the pancakes. The sweet pancakes are only served on the plate after they have been fried Jam or Nutella coated.

Spicy fillings should be prepared in the pan immediately after turning them for the second time. To do this, for example, place diced salami and feta cheese with fresh red pepper on one half of the pancake and then fold the other half over it like you would with a calzone pizza. The heat can be reduced a little because the pancake stays in the pan for twice as long as usual. After about a minute, the folded pancake should be turned again for another minute so that the cheese can flow nicely. Ham cubes with camembert and salt and pepper are also delicious. Maybe there will be cranberries on the plate ... or of course my favorite version with fresh mushrooms, Gouda slices and pepper, salt.

Another savory variant is e.g. cream cheese and smoked salmon with dill, lemon sprinkles, salt and pepper. This gourmet version can be prepared and rolled on the plate.

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