Why do you want to do banking

How can our banking app Zak support you in times of social distancing?

Time to talk about money.

The corona crisis drastically restricts our lives: We stay at home, rarely go to a store and do not want to exchange any cash if possible. We are also currently looking at third-party keyboards and pinpads at cash registers with a good deal of suspicion. At the same time, we are all shopping more online and want to pay conveniently. With our banking app Zak you can make your life easier - because you only need your own smartphone for all your banking transactions.

Pay cashless and contactless when shopping

Zak has mobile payment, which means you can use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay - and you can shop comfortably and securely with them. If you want to pay in the store, you simply hold your smartphone up to the card reader. You don't need to enter a PIN or touch any cash. By the way, you can also pay with mobile payment when shopping online. And best of all: the use of mobile payment with Zak is free of charge. You can activate Zak-Mobile Payment directly in the app using a free virtual Visa prepaid card. You can top up these in real time via Zak. The loaded amount is available to you immediately. In addition to the virtual credit card, Zak also includes a physical Maestro and, if desired, a credit card. If you don't want a new virtual credit card, you can also activate mobile payment for your Zak credit card. Both free!

The following additional features will help you to keep an overview of your expenses and budget at all times. No matter where you are - even at home.

Transfer money

Of course, you can also transfer money, scan and pay your bills or manage shared expenses with your friends - completely digitally - and transfer money to them in real time with one click on your smartphone.

Do all banking with your smartphone ...

With Zak you can do all your banking - and even make provisions for old age! You can open a 3rd pillar account at any time and flexibly, and you can also invest your retirement savings in securities. Everything with your smartphone - at home on the sofa!

... and even open the account.

Don't have a Zak account yet? Of course, you can simply open it with your smartphone: download the app, open an account, and get started. It only takes a few minutes - and you're ready! And Zak is still free.

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For every successful recommendation to a friend, you both get 25 CHF each.
Zak is straightforward and free. Try it out - you can find out more here.

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Why Zak?

Zak is an offer from Bank Cler. That means: you are not dealing with a start-up or fintech like neon or foreign competitors like N26 or Revolut. Behind Zak is an established Swiss bank. And our customers benefit from this in several ways. As a Swiss bank, we are part of the deposit insurance, with which your money is insured up to CHF 100,000. That means: in the event of bankruptcy, you will be paid up to CHF 100,000. Deposit protection is only available for banks that have an office in Switzerland. Foreign banks without a branch in Switzerland are not part of the deposit protection scheme. In addition, unlike the competition, we are represented throughout Switzerland with over 30 branches. A well-coordinated Zak team is there for you and will help you with all your concerns and questions - including by phone, of course.