Can you help me write SOP

SOP - new possibilities through digitization

However, these have their pitfalls. SOPs have to be elaborately prepared, kept up to date and read and understood by every employee. Properly prepared and used, they can be a helpful tool to optimally train employees in a work area such as fresh milker controlling. Or provide a basis for reflecting on work processes in the team.

What should you watch out for when creating an SOP?

If you decide to create an SOP, think about which work area or which work processes you want to describe beforehand. To whom this information is directed and what information must be included so that an employee can easily take over this work area with the help of the SOP.

If we stick to the example of fresh milker controlling, this means that you should think about the precautions to be taken before an employee carries out this activity. What tools does he need? What should he pay attention to and what to do if something deviates from the established norm. How is the whole thing documented? In addition to the SOP, a suitable checklist in which the most important data can be recorded and documented can be helpful. You can find many good examples of SOPs online. In order to relieve you of some work, you can get my SOP and the appropriate checklist on fresh milker controlling here.

But what does all of this have to do with digitization?

A valid question. It is not always easy to write down a workflow due to its complexity. Sometimes it fails because of different languages. We all know video portals. Tutorials on various topics are offered on these platforms. I myself use videos to show the online course participants a setting in the ration calculation program. Much can be better explained, but also understood when you have it right in front of your eyes. Certain sections of a video can be repeated as often as you like in order to understand information correctly. You can even create “speech-free” videos for many workflows. Another good way to convey information in addition to the "classic" SOP. Whichever path you choose to bring your employees closer to work processes.

I wish you every success and healthy cows!

Your Denise